Dr. Sayed Ali on the Scent of Success with Michael Cinco

February 03, 2024 – Alike Editorial

When Dr. Sayed Ali worked as a public relations officer at a firm two decades ago, he met Michael Cinco, and the rest was history. Dr. Sayed once described his encounter with Michael as something that happened “by the hand of God.” “Certainly, fate plays a significant role in many life moments, and often you can sense that certain individuals are destined to come into our lives to accompany you on a prolonged journey,” Dr. Sayed shares with Alike.

Initially working together at a fashion label, the duo decided to open their independent label called MICHAEL CINCO. Like a perfectly oiled machine, Dr. Sayed and Michael Cinco have spent the last decade building their brand. From the runways in the Philippines to international red carpets, Michael’s creations have become one of the most iconic in the fashion industry. Dr. Sayed credits the success to their working relationship.

“Michael is a very passionate and creative person. A visionary and perfectionist to say the least,” says Dr. Sayed. “Our dynamic is a balanced one, we complement each other through a systematic business model. Michael directs the creative process and its execution, and I handle managing the growth of the business as a managing director.”

Although others may find it difficult to work with business partners, Dr. Sayed and Michael have always worked together as a unit. “To be frank, our vision has always been one, which goes without saying, the growth of MICHAEL CINCO. Disagreements happen everywhere and are part of building a business, but healthy communication is key. We have been working together for such a long time that we understand each other so much and always find ways to meet each other in the middle,” Dr. Sayed shares.

As they navigate fashion and business together, their working relationship has only gotten stronger. “Over the years, you tend to naturally understand the structure of the business and how to engage in a strategy that works best for the culture of the company. For sure, our business relationship grows stronger through the years as we understand better what works for the business, and we understand better our ways of thinking,” he shares.

From Designing Couture to Launching Fragrances

“The importance of being adaptable in the face of changing market conditions, customer preferences, and industry trends is critical for entrepreneurs,” Dr. Sayed shares. It’s not surprising then that the MICHAEL CINCO brand has decided to expand beyond fashion, with the launch of their fragrance line.

Dr. Sayed shares the thought behind the decision to launch fragrances: “I think brand diversification, it’s important to meet your diverse audiences and provide them with what they are demanding. The beauty industry is an ever-growing one, fragrances are a natural extension of a fashion house. It is a project that we have always wanted to execute, and this year it came to life.”

Dr. Sayed and Michael are well-versed in launching couture collections, but the process for creating fragrances is entirely different. “Launching a fragrance line involves creating a unique scent, navigating complex regulatory compliance with a focus on emotional connections, presenting distinct challenges compared to the craftsmanship-centric process of launching a fashion line,” Dr. Sayed shares.

As of writing, the MICHAEL CINCO brand has launched 7 fragrances, respectively named M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M7. From M1’s floral notes to M7’s modern and elegant scent, there is a MICHAEL CINCO fragrance for everyone.

“Diversity is celebrated in our fragrance selection and every note. Echoing the understanding that every relationship with fragrance is distinct. Whether you’re a free-spirited woman ready to broaden your horizons or a charismatic man with a unique lifestyle, MICHAEL CINCO’s perfumes promise a bespoke experience tailored to your personality,” Dr. Sayed shares.

“Growth is part of the Michael Cinco nature, expanding our categories and curating statement designs that remain timeless throughout the years is what we will continue doing in the future,” shares Dr. Sayed. With this, MICHAEL CINCO will remain a classic and timeless brand in the ever-evolving world of fashion, fragrances, and for what is bound to come next.


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