Our Manifesto


We are alike—a digital media company and a creatives house built on society and storytelling.

We seek to enrich a diverse society, promote social inclusion, and bring forth a new level of discourse and meaning. We aim to create a platform that is inclusive, understanding, and representing of all realities from all walks of life. alike is a platform that involves its readers in all the narratives it pursues.

A reformist in the media scene, alike goes beyond being just a brand. We are more than just a news entity. Radical and forward-looking, we are a movement pushing for cultural progress. We put the Filipinos at the center of our heart, mind, and spirit as we reclaim the power of media, and celebrate who we are as people and who we can become as a nation.


Here at alike, we put the essence of humanity and honest storytelling first and foremost. We work towards uplifting the spirit of the Filipino people through our coverage on people, style, culture, as well as local, and global affairs. We put a priority in seeking the different faces that make up the diverse facets of the society we live in and wish to reform.

In an age where representation is rightfully demanded, it is important for us to produce stories that make people feel their presence is known, considered, and prioritized. For us, it’s all about redefining what makes the headlines—more importantly, who makes it on the headlines.

We tell stories that matter. We tell stories that make us feel. We tell stories that remind us we are alive. Because we believe it’s these very stories that truly unite us and make us alike.


Here at alike, we believe: We’re all connected through our shared experiences. It is our real life stories that shape who we are and who we strive to be. We believe that each and every Filipino has a story to tell, and it is our mission to bring these stories to the forefront. We tell stories that spark curiosity, inform, and educate. But most of all, we uncover and tell these narratives to inspire. 

It is important for us to emphasize that one is never truly alone in their experiences, that one should never be alone in their strifes.  We accept and celebrate the good and the bad, because every day and every face is an embodiment of the Filipino’s true resilience. 

We wish to bring out empathy from every Filipino. We want our audience to have this value transformed into a guiding principle as they go and carry out their lives. Because we know that strength is formed where understanding thrives, and there is strength when voices come together. There is power in “we,” and we are alike.



alike features personalities that make us aspire to go beyond what we believe is possible. We create articles and series that put inspiring individuals from different industries and backgrounds on the spotlight. These are the various artists, writers, thought leaders, celebrities, rising talent, and multihyphenates that enlighten us with their experiences, failures, and triumphs.


We give you the lowdown on what’s hip and happening in style, beauty, food, and travel. alike is immersed and updated with the newest eats, greatest deals, and best  products popping all over the metro. We check what the current hype is all about—whether it’s in the culinary scene or about a nearby urban getaway.


We are obsessed with everything under popular culture—icons, movies, series, books, animation. alike aims to provide a more critical view of the entertainment we consume on the daily.  Our focus is on creating critical and credible reviews and finding new ways to analyze and view content—and, in turn, changing the way you experience pop culture.


As alike keeps up to date with what’s happening locally and globally, we also aim to represent the public voice, making the Filipino sentiment heard, known, and acted upon. We create a news dynamic that encourages individuals to become more involved and informed. alike does not focus on the superficialities that trend online—we believe in finding unique and interesting stories that remain unreported.


We are born to a generation that is made to face digital screens, but alike believes there is no comparison to moments of real human experience and connection. Art makes us feel and witness these kinds of things. Art remains as a representation of  everything that inherently matters to us as individuals and as a nation.  As we explore the creative pursuits of the country’s visual sector, we bear witness to the pushing of boundaries in contemporary art. We document culture and society’s very influence and embodiment in the inception of new techniques and new works of Filipino artists.


Here at alike, we recognize the importance, relevance, and stronghold of literature in making and defining a society. In its own ways, literature records history, observes culture, and expands what we know as reality. We are constantly in awe of the brilliance of the Filipino’s creative and speculative mind, how its writers are able to capture the essence of our people—their frustrations, hopes, and dreams—and how they are able to build new worlds with words. 

We feature original literary pieces, including various kinds of poetry and fiction, written by members of the Filipino literary community. alike is the newest website that provides a home to the new and rising literary voices of the Philippines.


We focus on what truly makes us alike: Culture. We study the aspects that are dismissed as normal, everyday phenomena by Filipinos, tapping into and making sense of our common consciousness. We also look into emerging subcultures, allowing ourselves to identify with the uncharted.

alike writes about the values Filipinos celebrate the most: Resilience, authenticity, patriotism, integrity, empathy, and pride.


We don’t often start as a part of the individual narratives we hear and tell, but we are ultimately all part of that bigger picture—sometimes we are called to be, and, sometimes, we choose to be.

Stories connect people in more ways than we imagine it could. What makes us all alike creates a grey area for what is considered as diverse, a common ground to recognize who we are, and what exactly we can strive to become.

It is discovering these common grounds that truly brings people together. What lies in those discoveries are the countless stories we want you to help us uncover and understand as it unfolds. alike is all about fostering meaningful collaboration and mentorship, as our search for fearless storytellers who never lose their wonder remains unceasing. We want storytellers in command of their words and visuals, with a genuine desire to share the innate goodness and talent of the Filipino people.

We want you to tell the stories that matter to Filipinos. But most of all, we want you to tell the stories that matter to you. Get your work published on alike. E-mail editorial@alike.com.ph for story pitches and multimedia collaborations, as well as personal essay, literary, photography, and art submissions.


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