Yani Moya on inspiring limitless possibilities

June 17, 2021 – Denice Sy-Muñez

Yani Moya on inspiring limitless possibilities

How this 25-year old millennial is slowly building her name as a leading financial consultant, while using her growing social media platforms to promote her advocacy of financial education, and inspiring others to live their best lives.

Raised by a single mother in a middle class household along with her three siblings, Yani knew first-hand what it was like to grow up with financial struggles. This early exposure to financial limitations was also what pushed her to entrepreneurship at an early age. She recalls having only Php 20 daily allowance as a high school student, and being forced to resell t-shirts, ballers, and other merchandise in order to afford the things she wanted to buy as a young teenager, like fan girl stuff or dance classes.

It was when Yani entered college that the word “investment” became a common term in their home. Apparently, her mom’s involvement in the financial industry had started to pay off – “I saw how excellently my mom works in this field, serving hundreds of clients, while also running several other businesses.” The B.S. Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas recalls asking her mom where she gets the money for her tuition and other school fees, and why it did not feel as difficult as when they were children, and her mom would respond with, “from my investments.”

Youth Leadership in College

In college, Yani was appointed the International Youth Leader Ambassador to the United Nations and Youth ASEAN Ambassador, both titles she takes much pride in. However, investing her time in these personal growth opportunities also meant needing resources to fund these endeavours. According to Yani, youth leadership included payments and attendance to seminars and conferences locally and abroad. Yani did not want to add to her mom’s burden, “because I understood that it’s hard enough for her that my siblings and I were all in college at the same time”

Yani would engage in myriad side hustles that she calls “rakets” such as selling stickers and cupcakes, offering designing services, among others. “Any paid student activities where one can earn, I was there!” Through her efforts, she was able to send herself to study in Germany as well as her other international leadership training and activities.

Thankfully, she reaped the benefits of investing in herself quite quickly. She was able to do a by-invitation paid internship with YesPinoy Foundation in 2015, and started her occupation as a Financial Planner in 2017; both while she was a student in college. She compares her monthly income at the time as “just like anyone who had a 9-5 job.” And she attributes her early entry into the financial industry to her mom, who Yani says inspired her to grow her money and eventually, harvest her investments.

On Her Failures

As an engineering major in college, she remembers being discouraged and criticized by professors for pursuing her extracurricular activities over prioritizing her classroom work, and was even told that “I would never be a good engineer.” Yani failed a lot in her college work, perhaps it’s because she was destined for something different. The time she chose to spend on youth leadership over traditional academic work ultimately shaped who she is today.

Yani learned to run a business and lead others because of the decisions she made throughout college. “I know how important it is to believe in people’s vision because I had to believe in mine when everyone around me didn’t.”

Peridot Consulting and Other Activities

After she graduated, Yani founded Peridot Consulting Philippines along with a group of financial coaches, whose aim is to “fill the gap between financial literacy and Filipinos.” Yani believes it is important to inculcate in Filipinos that “abundance is available for everyone.” And through Peridot, she hopes her firm is able to empower Filipinos to see finance in an unintimidating light, and embrace their financial freedom through proper financial education.

To integrate her life’s passions into her work, she also owns a brand called “Little Big Help PH” which offers biodegradable and eco-friendly personal care product alternatives, which include wash and wear liners, loofahs, reusable straws, shampoo bars, among others.

Yani is also present on Youtube and Spotify through her self-produced video podcast called “Quarterly-life Bliss” in hopes of inspiring and disrupting those in their twenty-somethings. Every Monday at 8pm, she is also active on Peridot’s Social TV Facebook livestream series entitled “Money-festation Monday” where she guests well-achieved figures to discuss money and manifestation. Recently, she started her Money Manifesters Facebook group where the community members can exchange comments about topics related to finance and investing.

Her Tiktok Platform @CoachYaniMoya

Where Yani is most known however, is on Tiktok where she refers to herself as “Your Financial Coach”. She first joined Tiktok two months ago, but has now amassed over 130K followers! Because of this platform, she finds content creation taking much of her time. Regardless, Yani mentions that “I find joy in it because I never considered it as ‘work’, but rather something I do for fun. Fun that eventually opened incredible opportunities for me to talk more about my mission.”

Tiktok has actually enabled her company, Peridot, to offer their services to a significantly wider audience. “People started to message us to help fix their finances, and reach their life long financial goals.” Moreover, Yani’s informational material have also paved the way for her to give back to more like-minded individuals. She now offers mentorship to train others who also want to become a life and financial coach like her.

The most rewarding part of her Tiktok account? Getting several messages from strangers who say thank you for the life-changing financially-focused educational content that she produces. “Receiving random affirmations and words of appreciation always motivates me to keep going because it reminds me that I’m on track with my massive transformative purpose.”

On Earning Her First Million and Inspiring Others

Yani is very big on setting intentions, and her first million was an intention she set at a time when she was battling with quarter-life crisis. “I was at a point where I felt lost, hopeless, and had enough of enough-ness issues.”

She shares that her conscious choice to work on her inner self was what allowed her to achieve milestones after milestones! “I remember telling myself to believe that everything and anything is possible with the Universe as long as I put my heart in what I do.” And it was with her “abundance-consciousness” that she says she was able to achieve financial freedom that she wants other Filipinos to be able to do so as well.

Her Word of the Year, Life Mission, and Advice for Others

Though Yani’s definition of success is “being genuinely fulfilled" with who I have become, and not the things I own… It also includes “being abundant in all aspects of my life.” And this is what Yani aims to achieve for her health, loving relationships, and her mission-driven career, while always being grateful and joyful for what she currently has.

This 2021, her word of the year is Unstoppable. This is congruent to her life mission of “Inspiring Limitless Possibilities.” She encourages others not to be daunted by crisis and roadblocks that life may bring. And instead, “invest in our being-ness.” She adds that the world will change for you “as you start to work on you.”

Yani reiterates the power of the mind and the decision to “operate in abundance and not in scarcity.” Shifting one’s perspective to see the world where everyone celebrates possibilities is key “to live a life with no limits.”

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