What is the Truth Behind Mocha Uson’s Resignation?

October 05, 2018 – Hannah Francesca M. Arcenal

Photo from AL Padilla

As of October 3, Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson resigned from position. Because she failed to attend budget deliberations, Uson personally decided to step down as a PCOO Assistant Secretary.

Uson has received criticism on many occasions in the past, including her promotional videos that featured inappropriate dancing as well as disrespect for the deaf community. Moreover, she received backlash on her criticisms on Vice President Leni Robredo, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, and other government officials – all who are critics of President Rodrigo Duterte.

While many may have won from seeing her step down, Uson assured her critics that her fight is not over.

Many Filipinos believe Uson has a plan to run for senate or congress for the upcoming 2019 senatorial elections. When asked, she said that her options are open and will let people decide.

If Mocha Uson plans to run for senate or congress with the genuine intention of being a public servant, she is free to do so. On the other hand, if she does run, this becomes a challenge for her to keep her word in serving the Filipino people, and not just the president in particular.

As for us Filipinos, it is a challenge for us to be critical when it comes to selecting our leaders. This does not apply only to Mocha Uson but to all candidates who has the intention to run for office. To be critical is to look into the qualifications, such as the educational attainment and leadership experience in government, of each candidate and study them if these are what our society needs. The candidates’ intentions are also important to look at as it reflects what they genuinely want for our country to achieve.

At the same time, as we choose our leaders we keep in mind that the future does not solely depend on their hands. It is also still up to each and every one of us to pave the way for economic and social progress.

As it applies to anyone who wishes to create change in society – we can serve and contribute to our country’s development even without a government position. It just takes a matter of initiative and proper action for us to create a significant impact on society. It is time that we avoid complaining about our society’s problems and start acting on solutions instead.