We talked to Sequoia about their collab hustle with Heart Evangelista

January 18, 2019 – Vinz Lamorena

Heart Evangelista is a style icon. One that will make even the most lazy dressers and trend snobs look into whatever pieces she has gorgeously put together as an effortlessly head-turning outfit. We look to her as our real-life Astrid Leong, a modern-day Audrey Hepburn.

It wasn’t too long ago when she dropped an extensive collection with a local clothing brand, where she transformed chic pieces into different canvasses of their own. But the collaboration is obviously a long running one, as she’s been sharing snippets of her newly created designs to her followers. We see her sketching Panda, other PAWS cuties, and floral patterns.

She’s tried her hand on creating the perfect red lipstick, too. So the next makeup collab we see her flaunting were these ultra-glam and super-pigmented eyeshadow palettes. But it has to be pointed out that more than her name inscribed on the tags and packaging of these products, it’s how Heart manages to incorporate her art with personal style that makes up the buzz.

And our favorite chinita hasn’t slowed down her hustle momentum at all. Heart has teased about the perfect fashion piece for Valentines day and revealed that a bag collaboration with Paris luxury brand Sequoia is coming our way.

From the photos we’ve seen, the limited edition bag features a three-dimensional heart design with Sequoia’s signature circular handle. It’s a contemporary statement clutch, a versatile accessory with a modern touch.

“Heart and the Sequoia team worked together last year on this bag—between the different designs, materials, fabrics, and colors. And after weeks, the ‘Heart Bag’ was ready and produced in France in early January,” Sequoia told alike.

Sequoia revealed that Heart really poured a lot of thought into the details of this bag. Imprinted on its red leather skin are distinct numbers in gold. The actress has revealed she’s already got her hands on the bag with the 001 mark. (Now the only challenge is to be lightning fast in purchasing the 002 bag).

“She has been our ambassador since last summer, and the project began with her idea of an iconic bag—a bag expressing her personality and her taste. The process of creating this bag was so smooth, so natural,” Sequoia added.

“Heart did an amazing work on the bag’s shape. It looks simple, but it’s more than that, more sophisticated. Heart thought about all the details of this bag,” the brand shared.

We must say the Parisian brand is a tease, too—they told alike we’d only get to see and appreciate its sophistication and attention to detail once we finally have our hands on it. Now that’s what we call an excellent sales strategy.

Photos courtesy of Sequoia