Making things happen : Seller's Hub’s CEO Bk Rivera

March 15, 2023 – Alike Editorial

For most working professionals, Monday is usually the most dreaded day of the week. But there’s no such thing as Monday Blues at Seller’s Hub Inc., a fast-growing e-commerce retail company with headquarters in General Trias City, Cavite.

The 6-year-old company religiously holds an exciting DNA Monday every week—an hour-long town-hall-style meeting wherein assigned team members take the floor to share business insights and learnings with everyone in the group. Seller's Hub's finest hour of the week facilitates the exchange of thoughts, unveils updates about the company, and of course, gives way to an insightful management talk from its leader, CEO Brian Kenneth “BK” Rivera.

"Our mission is to become one of the best companies in the e-commerce industry through carrying products that we confidently believe can transform the lives of the consumers," the 28-year-old business leader shares. BK Rivera is ahead of the game in ways that create meaningful transformations.

Through the years, Rivera has set his own criteria when screening and assessing the leadership potential of team players as part of the company's succession plans. He is always on the lookout for the three C's—character, competency, and chemistry - the core values of the company." He further explained that a future CEO must be an IDOL—have INTEGRITY, be DRIVEN, foster a sense of OWNERSHIP, and live to be a LIFELONG LEARNER.

“To steadily climb up that ladder, a qualified team player must be a ‘walking IDOL’ through living our core values and at the same time believing in our products and purpose. A successful junior executive would then be promoted into a senior executive, then a VP, and ultimately a future CEO. It is a journey,” he adds.

Together with his long-term business and life partner, Ayhen Sabayton, Rivera set up a sales team as an added means to liquidate products from their previous network-marketing business. In 2017, after just two months, Rivera was surprised that the group performed beyond expectations. Thus, the Seller's Hub was established with his first teammates, Cham Castillo, Mark Tan, Johnrey Fernandez, and Khengie Bernales.

From a small group, Seller's Hub has grown into a company with around 60 team members, and 10 of them are at the managerial level, on their way to the CEO path. It is also open to signing up partner resellers, especially those who share the goal to transforming customers' lives.

The customer-centric approach to business sets the purpose of the company to transform lives through life-changing products. Since Day 1, Seller's Hub has always put the well-being of its customers on top of its priorities by choosing the best and most strategic products that will surely help transform consumers' lives.

It sells products that can transform physical attributes (slimming coffee, skincare, and whitening products), relationships (adult pleasure items), home living (curtains, furniture covers, and the like), and individual fashion (garments).

Roadmap to the future

In 2023, Seller's Hub Inc sets to conquer greater heights with its strategic plan for fulfillment. One of the major problems in the e-commerce industry is the rising rate of "canceled orders" that results in returning the parcels to the sellers, following a sudden spike in shipping fees, damaged products, and lower profits that is being shouldered by the seller.

Seller's Hub Inc aims to establish fulfillment centers on the major islands in our country to shorten transporting days, which leads to faster delivery to customers.

If this project succeeds, Seller's Hub Inc is willing to share its own logistics infrastructure with the e-commerce industry to boost the profitability of all ecom players. "We are inviting more like-minded entrepreneurs and prospective business leaders to be part of our 'tribe.' Together, let's make things happen," Rivera concludes.

To know more about Seller’s Hub Inc, visit its company website ( or FB page ( You may also follow BK Rivera on TikTok (@superrrbk).


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