‘Too Skinny’: Kendall Jenner Gets Body-Shamed Over Leaked Photos

September 16, 2018 – Hannah Francesca M. Arcenal

Photo from Getty Images

Recently, photos of model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner were leaked online as reportedly stolen by hackers. The photos were taken by Russell James for an upcoming book entitled “Angels”.

The series of photos featured Kendall Jenner riding a horse, sprinting at the beach and climbing a tree – all having her completely naked.

While Kendall faced a lot of criticisms in the past -- including her Pepsi commercial, inappropriate use of rappers’ faces on merchandise, and comments on fellow models’ work ethic, a lot of people choose to criticize her body -- which says a lot about our body-shaming culture.

With her released nude photos, some people commented on Kendall’s body as ‘too skinny’ or ‘built like a boy’. Despite the negativity, some of her supporters defended Kendall and called out her critics.

Women, for years, have dealt with criticisms on their bodies. Regardless of size, women’s appearances are monitored and evaluated to favor our society’s standard of beauty -- a concept which we need to change.

As a society, we must learn that a woman’s body is hers. Women are not obliged to please and follow society’s standards of beauty. Every woman’s body should be respected regardless of shape, size or built.

We are beyond our bodies, and there is more to physical appearance for us to show our worth as human beings.