Tiffany Young is reborn as this generation's new queen of pop

February 06, 2019 – Kristin Esber—“Hi! I’m Tiffany Young! I am a new artist, but from the K-pop world,” said the 29-year-old singer. She was wearing a canary yellow coat, red and black sweater, and some black thigh high boots as she talked to strangers on the street of Times Square in New York. Tiffany had just seen her H&M campaign on one of the Times Square billboards. 

The former K-pop girl group member is the newest face on MTV NEWS’s series “Homecoming.” Her feature is titled “Tiffany Young Embraces Her ‘New Artist Moments’ In the US,” where they chronicled what happen to her in a span of three days in the United States.  It was as if it was just yesterday when she was dancing with her K-pop girl group Girl’s Generation.

Born and raised in California, Tiffany decided she wanted to become like BoA after watching the Korean singer's performance. She was only 15 years old when she came back to South Korea. We all know what happened after, she eventually became part of global phenomenon Girl’s Generation. 

Recalling how she worked so hard to sing solo at a Korean radio stations and eventually had that hard work pay off. In 2016, she finally released her own solo single. Her upbeat dance track “I Just Wanna Dance” debuted at number three on the Billboard World Album Chart and South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart. This was followed by “Heartbreak Hotel,” featuring the Korean rapper Simon Dominic, another dance track about a girl ending her relationship and leaving everything in the “heartbreak hotel” in order to properly move on. 

But 2017 came and she left her entertainment company, SM Entertainment. Everyone thought they've seen the last of Tiffany. They were wrong. In March last year, she released her version of “Remember Me” from the Disney movie "Coco." She has changed her name to Tiffany Young. 

Tiffany was signed under Paradigm Talent Agency and record label Transparent Arts. By June of the same year, her first US solo single “Over My Skin” was out—making her the only pop star to debut solo at the age of 29. This funky pop single introduces Tiffany as “Professor T”, her alter ego. With this single, she shows her sexy side alongside her powerful vocals.

This was followed by “Teach You,” another funky pop track about how people do crazy things when they're in love. The music video was hilarious, and it showed Tiffany's playful side. It showed that if you were lucky enough to be her boyfriend, never cheat on her. She's capable of  doing crazy things in the name of revenge. “Teach You” also featured her closest friends from Girl’s Generation—Sooyoung and Hyoyeon. While Saturday Night Live Korea’s Kwon Hyuksoo played Tiffany’s cheating boyfriend.

This song can be heard in H&M stores after she became the face of the brand for their Autumn 2018 collection.  It is also the song that got her featured in the Genius’ segment “Verified.” Tiffany hasn't stopped working since she introduced herself as a solo artist to the world. She has made history since, too. Tiffany is the first female to walk in the red carpet of American Music Awards. Just recently, she was nominated for Best Solo Breakout for 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards, which is set to happen on Mar. 14.

Her latest track is “Born Again” is her lead single for her upcoming EP “Lips on Lips.” It is an alternative-R&B track that represents her rebirth as solo artist not only famous in Korea but also in other parts of the world. The song may seem to be about love but it also shows her vulnerability. 

According to her, “Born Again was written from the idea of holding on to all those struggles and finding that moment where you say ‘oh I know what to do.’ And I don’t want to be free but I want to dive in to all the things that have happened and come out in full of ocean.” It became a song about new love and a new path in life. It is about second chances. It is about Tiffany's choices that led her to the global stage where she performs today.

The music video directed by Nikko Lamere, showed Tiffany with her long blonde hair and smoky eyes, lying down in a big rock by the sea. She is wearing a white long and flowy gown with  gold embellishments singing her heart out.

Emotions were shown. She was allowed to feel. She was allowed to be human. We see her crying as she sings and walks by the beach. Tiffany then changes into a long grey camisole as the sun sets and as it gets dark, a blue light was shown on her. The music video ended with her in her grey camisole, all wet, by the beach with water up to her knees and staring at down looking all vulnerable.

“Born Again” is an inspiration to the generation of women. It is the moment of Tiffany’s rebirth as an artist and as a human being and shows a rebirth can happen to anyone too.