This Valentine’s, Swiftlet Encourages Couples to Make it a Kitchen Date

February 14, 2022 – Alike Editorial

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — There’s something extremely tender and intimate about preparing a meal with your partner. And if you’re the kind of couple who prefers spending a cozy night in to eating out for Valentine's, a kitchen date might just be the perfect idea. To make the occasion even sweeter, food innovation team Swiftlet shares the top three reasons to cook together with your romantic partner: 

It’s a way to spend quality time with your significant other

Spending time together in the kitchen, whether you’re peeling vegetables or waiting for something to bake, can create moments of connection that can have a lasting effect on the health of your relationship with your partner. 

Cooking with your loved one can mean revealing even more of yourself to them. It’s the perfect time to exchange stories, ask questions, and even flirt. This Valentine’s, enjoy the experience even more by including the Swiftlet Natural Sugar Replacement in your recipes!

Swiftlet is a blend of natural ingredients that has zero calories, zero glycemic index, and tastes similar to refined sugar. This means that it’s safe (and delicious!) to use for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Valentine’s and onwards, Swiftlet proves that sweet doesn’t have to mean sinful.

You’ll get to practice teamwork

Another reason to try home-cooking date night is to give life to the quote, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Since cooking a main course or baking a dessert requires intentional effort, working together in the kitchen can foster feelings of togetherness, mutual support, and unity between couples.

However, following a recipe can already put couples to work. To make things easier, Swiftlet conveniently has a 1:1 ratio with that of refined sugar. The Filipino brand ensures that one cup of refined sugar is equivalent to one cup of Swiftlet, so you can easily substitute refined sugar for their blend in your favorite recipes.

Now whether you’re thinking of a simple dinner or a three-course spread, you can always reach for that pack of Swiftlet because it performs well in different ways of cooking and baking. Just like refined sugar, you can use it to make oven-baked pastries, hot beverages, pan-fried dishes, frozen/refrigerated goods, cold beverages, and oven-baked savory dishes. 

You can be proud of what you’re eating 

Who knows, a kitchen date might be your new favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s! After all, even more appreciation goes into your food when you and your partner are involved in the whole process, from cooking together to setting the table and digging into your meal.

The best part? The food you prepare can seem as self-indulgent as you want, but it remains guilt-free because Swiftlet is good for the gut, and contains no calories, no sugar, and no bitter aftertaste.


This love month, let Swiftlet make your celebration more meaningful

Swiftlet offers a healthier alternative that is sure to impress your loved one. To order, visit Swiftlet’s official Shopee page here. You can also follow them on their official Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

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