Female artists you should be listening to if you're a fan of Korean music

February 02, 2019 – Kristin Esber—When it seems like more men are dominating the Korean R&B and Hip-hop music industry, there are women who are out there to prove they deserve the same headline billing. These are women are feisty, headstrong, and more than just pretty faces. 

First off is the legendary rapper and singer Yoon Mirae. For Korean drama fans, she is known as the singer of iconic songs like “Touch Love” from the Korean drama “Master’s Sun,” “Always” from “Descendants of the Sun,” and “A World That is You” from “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”  But for an entirely different genre, she wears a lot of hats. When she’s a rapper, she’s called Tasha (or simply T to her fans), and Mirae is also a member of MFBTY (My Fans [are] Better Than Yours), together with her husband, living K-hiphop legend, Tiger JK and fellow rapper Bizzy.

With her hits such as “This Love” and “Get It In,” she became known as one of the great singers and rappers in the Korean music industry. Her smooth vocals and her powerful rap skills captivated the heart of fans. And just last year, she released her album “Gemini 2” under Feel Ghood Music with the lead single “You & Me.” It is a song featuring Junoflo which talks about two people who claim they are “just friends.” But she is just not a great rapper and singer, she is also a mother to her son Jordan and an advocate against child abuse. Mirae also raises awareness for multiculturalism in Korean families since her father is an African-American while her mother is Korean. 

has a voice as sweet as honey and a youthful face that makes her look like she is still in her 20s. This singer, songwriter, and producer gained the most attention because of “Wine” featuring Changmo, which she also produced together with Suga of BTS. A sweet song that uses wine as a metaphor for love and relationship that can bittersweet and how one can be “drunk” on love. 

Unforgettable collaborations followed this such as “Love Story” with Crush and “1+1=0” with DEAN for her album “Walkin.”  With her sweet yet powerful voice, she became a go-to artist for singing Korean drama OSTs such as “Heartbeat” for the romantic comedy drama “Strong Girl Bong-soon” and a featuring artist for songs produced in the hit Korean rap competition show “Show Me the Money.” Her latest track “A Pleasant Meal” is a funky dance tune that expresses a girl’s desire to make wonderful memories with the one she loves including eating all the best dishes in the world. 

There is also the feisty and sexy singer and rapper Jessi or Jessica Ho. She used to be part of the hip hop trio group “Lucky J,” together with singer J-Yo and rapper J’Kyun with songs “Can You Hear Me” and “No Love” under their belts. In this group, Jessi showcased not only her talent in rapping but also her powerful vocals that can hit those high notes. But the Korean rap competition Unpretty Rapstar was the one that placed her on the map where she finished second place. This then led to tracks such as “Ssenunni” and “Gucci” that showcased her fierce and feisty personality. Since Jessi is notorious as someone who remains strong minded, she doesn’t shy at the fact that she had gone under the knife to achieve her current look. And just recently, she became the first artist signed by the singer Psy for his new entertainment company, P Nation. 

Last but not the least is the singer-songwriter Kim Hyun-jung or Hoody.  She is right now, the only rose among the thorns of the label Above Ordinary Music Group or AOMG led by Jay Park. She was a former member of Amourette (AMRT), an all-female underground hip-hop group. But what made her well-known was when she was featured in Jay Park’s singles “Solo.” She then released “On and On,” an extended play where she work together with the likes of Jay Park, Jinbo, and Dok2. Her latest song “Sunshine” with the singer Crush, an upbeat and lovely song that showcased her airy and cool voice about how one sees her lover as the sunshine in her life. 2018 was a good year for her, for it was the year that her first solo concert “By Your Side” was held. 

Yoon Mirae, Suran, Jessi, and Hoody proved that women can do what men can do especially in the Korean R&B and Hip-hop music scene. They have opened the door for more female singers, songwriters, and rappers to be part of the Korean music industry. They are not only inspiration to those girls or women who wants to be like them but to every girl who has a dream.