The Queen's parade

February 21, 2019 – alike Editorial Team

The most beautiful girl in the universe has come home.

25-year-old Catriona Gray was greeted by hundreds of fellow Filipinos during her Homecoming Parade, which went through the major roads of Pasay, Manila, and Makati cities this afternoon.

Despite being under the harsh and grueling sun, the beauty queen beamed brightly with a wide smile as she gave endless greetings to the hyped crowd. “It’s amazing how many people are here,” Catriona said, obviously touched by the warm welcome of her countrymen.

Students of all ages, office workers, and busy citizens all rushed to see her atop a lava-themed float, a nod to her red gown in the competition. Today, she wears another creation by Mak Tumang—a modern Filipiniana jumpsuit. The designer was inspired by the ornamental and symbolic flower, Sampaguita.

On the crowded roads of the city, the reigning Miss Universe is as bubbly as ever. She pops her hips side to side as she greets her fans under the unforgiving sun, and even waves with both her hands as the crowd chants “Cat, Cat, Ganern, Ganern.”

With the outpour of love and support, Catriona responds with unending waves, signed flags, flying kisses, and finger hearts. There were fans that followed the parade from its starting point at Sofitel to Ayala Avenue in Makati, and whenever Catriona spots them in the crowd, she says: “Hello po, ulit!”

The people were charmed by how humble and patient the beauty queen was under the scorching weather. They found it cute whenever she apologized for the traffic she has caused.

Catriona’s Homecoming festivities do not end here. Another parade is set to happen on Feb. 23, Saturday, around Araneta, Cubao. While homecoming concert “Raise Your Flag” will take place on Feb. 24 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.