The biggest, most extensive Spongebob makeup line is here!

March 11, 2024 – Alike Editorial

It’s the biggest, most extensive SpongeBob collaboration makeup release yet!

Vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty brand, Careline Cosmetics finally revealed its full SpongeBob makeup line after releasing a few products at a time beginning August 2023! It’s a 33-piece collection that reflects the energetic and optimistic vibe of Bikini Bottom!

The Careline x SpongeBob collaboration consists of 14 product lines. All with their respective unique product functions and aesthetic packaging personalities! From eyeshadow palettes, to lip tints, lip glosses and lip oils, to liquid blushes and brow and eye products—you name it! Let’s break it down one at a time.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT and long post ahead!

  • 1) Careline Imagination Palette (2 shades) – P395

Bring your imagination to life with the Carelines Imagination Palette! It is a nine-color palette that contains a variety of mattes and shimmers available in two variants: Nude Beach with SpongeBob on the cover and Patrick Star’s Pink Shore. Nude Beach is a mix of everyday neutrals, while Pink Shore has all you need for bright pops of pink!

  • 2)
    Careline Best Blush Ever Powder Blush (4 shades) – P250

If your favorite Bikini Bottom character transformed into a powder blush, Careline’s Best Blush Ever would be just that! Infused with Vitamin E, this powder blush is highly-pigmented and provides the perfect, smooth long-wearing flush for your cheeks! It comes in four shades: Imagination -  a coral pink inspired by SpongeBob; Money Money – Krusty Krab’s power red; Meow Love – a pale, desaturated pink with Gary on the cover; and Wumbo – a bright, dazzling pink that we all love Patrick Star for!

  • 3) Careline Sea Rum Swoosh Water Tint (3 shades) – P325

Vivid, serum-infused water tints represented by three of the most underrated SpongeBob Squarepants characters, Careline Sea Rum Swoosh Water Tint features Squidward in the shade Beach Bum - a wine berry shade; Sandy Cheeks in Sunny Shore – a fiery red; and Gary in Cool Coast – a scarlet reddish pink!

Rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, this serum water tint has a lightweight consistency that delivers powerful pigment in one swipe, leaving a long lasting stain on the lips while keeping them nourished and hydrated! You’ll love its sturdy and super cute packaging!

  • 4) Careline Oh, Puh-Lips Lip Oil (5 shades) – P325

Contrary to Squidward’s meme-able “Oh Puh-leaaaase” quote, the Careline Oh, Puh-Lips Lip Oil is a 100% YES, PLEASE! Enriched with a plethora of lip care actives like Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Peony Extract, and Snow Lotus Extract, this Careline x SpongeBob lip oil is extremely nourishing while providing buildable pigment!

Worn alone, under a lipstick or as a topper to your fave lip color – this lightweight formula can used in all three ways! It utilizes a jumbo doe-foot wand that makes lip application fun, boosted with a natural vanilla scent!

It boasts five beautiful shades that all leave a long-lasting stain even when the oil has faded, namely:

Chocolate Bar – an old chocolate rose shade that features all four characters’ emoticons— SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Krusty Krab and Squidward— on the packaging;

Fancy Date – a deep cherry shade that is complements Krusty Krab’s pantone;

Pink Star – named after Patrick Star of course, which is a candy red that actually blends into a natural pink hue when swatched on the lips;

Jellyfish Jam – a very berry shade that looks good on anyone, aptly represented by SpongeBob’s bright yellow packaging; and finally

Pretty Plum –a midnight purple whose cool mauve undertone fits all skin complexions! It has a stoic Squidward expression on the packaging.

  • 5) Careline Tinted Spongegloss Lip Gloss (3 shades) – P325

Designed with intricate Bikini Bottom floral patterns on the product packaging, the Careline Tinted Spongegloss Lip Gloss is a feast for your eyes! It has a divine, slim and sleek component that is also convenient to bring with you everywhere! It comes in three friendly shades, namely Shiny Coral – a sweet, rosy brown with an unamused Squidward and orange cap; Magic Conch – a raspberry shade with a matching raspberry cap and SpongeBob in the packaging; and Crystal Coast – an apple red, represented by Patrick Star and a blue cap.

It delivers just enough pigment that’s not overwhelming, but with your desired fine, glassy shine! Product is buildable, so just layer as needed for that extra luscious glossy look! As with all SpongeBob x Careline collaboration makeup, this range is also lightweight and hydrating!

  • 6) Careline Dream Cream Tint Lip Cream (4 shades) – P325

Comfortable and cute, the Careline Dream Cream Tint Lip Cream is a multiuse must-have! It has a dreamy, cloud matte finish for your lips that feels like air on your lips! It has a non-drying, creamy formula that sets to a velvety matte. The ultimate novelty item and a first of its kind, SpongeBob fans can see four of their favorite Bikini Bottom characters in ice cream form!

Namely, Sandy Cheeks’ Sundae Cheeks – a warm vermilion color; Squidward’s Sherbet – a toned watermelon; Patrick Star’s Swirl Fudge – a cashmere pink; and SpongeBob’s Creambob – a deep berry hue. Apply it on your lips or even lids and cheeks for that perfect everyday color!

  • 7) Careline Oh My Blush Liquid Blush (4 shades) – P325

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, the liquid blush comes in four shades, namely SpongeBob’s Girly Girl, Patrick Star’s Pink Patricia, Krusty Krab’s Red Ahoy, and Gary’s Shell Pink. This liquid blush is so pigmented, one dot goes a long way! It also leaves a stain that lasts forever! Cue in "one eternity later" meme please!

  • 8) Careline Contour Y’all Liquid Contour (1 shade) – P325

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, and Glycerin, get your cheeks sculpted with this Sandy Cheeks-inspired liquid contour! It is a cool-toned brown that naturally enhances and defines your face!

  • 9) Careline Shimmery Splash Liquid Highlighter (1 shade) – P325

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Castor Seed Oil, the Pearl Krab’s Careline Shimmery Liquid Highlighter can look intimidating, but it's gleaming pearly glow formula actually blends like a glittery dream! So easy and convenient to use because it is non-sticky and feels like air on skin once set!

  • 10) Careline Beach Brow Duo (2 shades) - P395

This 2-in-1 brow product is a true beauty staple! One side has an angled tip to fill in the brows, while the opposite side is a tinted mascara to effectively set and tame brows. This product comes in two shades: Brunette Bay and Taupe Brown, inspired by Careline’s best-selling shades, but this time in dual brow format!

  • 11)
    Careline Stickini Brows Brow Soap (1 shade) – P295

This super cute and compact brow soap component features Patrick Star on the cover! Formulated for those wanting natural but feathery, fluffy, and full eyebrows, this brow soap comes with a spoolie and razor to achieve your desired brows!

  • 12) Careline BFF Liner Gel & Liquid Liner (1 shade) – P325

You can drive right into Bikini Bottom with this dual ended gel and liquid eyeliner because it’s waterproof and smudge-proof! The gel eyeliner for waterlines on your lids, and the liquid eyeliner pen for a sleek wing! Eyeliner on fleek made easy!

  • 13)
    Careline Aye-Aye Lashes! Waterproof Mascara (1 shade) – P325

For full volume lashes and a mascara that doesn’t run, this mascara can last up to 36 hours and without any mess! It uses a curved-fanning brush that is great for beginners and seasoned makeup artists alike! You can’t say no to this! It’s aye-aye all the way!

  • 14)
    Careline Bubble Town Spray Setting Spray (1 shade) – P325

Don’t miss out on this setting spray! Boosted with Snow Mushroom Extract and Aloe Vera Extract, it also helps hydrate and nourish skin while locking your makeup in place all day long! It completes your makeup with a moisturized and glowing!

That’s the full 33-piece rundown for you! What better time to collect them for yourself or give them as gifts to loved ones this holiday season!

The full Spongebob x Careline collection is now available online at Careline’s official Shopee, Lazada and Tiktok shops, and in physical stores at SM Beauty Department Stores, Robinsons Department Stores, and selected Watsons Mall Stores.

Follow @carelineph on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and X (formerly Twitter), or check out the hashtags #SpongebobXCareline and #CarelinePh for more updates about the collaboration!


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