TELUS International Philippines Celebrates Diversity and Advocates for Allyship

May 28, 2024 – Alike Editorial

TELUS International Philippines (TIP), a leading AI-fueled customer experience and business process solutions provider, showcased the transformative power of allyship to promote inclusion during its "Mothers are Mothering!" glam-up session and discussion. This event celebrated both International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) and Mother's Day, aligning with the company’s year-round diversity, equality, and inclusivity (DE&I) efforts

Spectrum, TELUS International’s resource group for LGBTQIA+ and other team members and their allies was created to encourage bringing your true self to work every day. With chapters in the Philippines, Central America, and the U.S., Spectrum members participated in activities including a virtual drag competition featuring TELUS International Philippines team member drag queens, which raised funds for the LoveYourself Foundation; hosted sexual orientation, gender identity and expression sessions; gender sensitivity workshops; and celebrated World AIDS Day by hosting virtual HIV 101 sessions and offering on-site free HIV testing and counseling.

From left to right: Host Baus Rufo, drag queens Rocky Star and M1ss Jade So, Jade’s biological mother Margie Alino, TELUS International Global Vice President of Brand, Culture, and Facilities, Warren Tait, and Bogs Orial, Executive Assistant to TELUS International's Global Vice President for Facilities, Brand, and Culture, and APAC CFO.

"My journey with allyship began with recognizing the importance of actively supporting and standing up for the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It's about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected," shared Warren Tait, TELUS International Global Vice President of Brand, Culture, and Facilities.

TELUS International Philippines invited Drag Race Philippines Season 2 finalist M1ss Jade So, along with her biological mother, Margie Alino, and her drag daughter, Rocky Star, to talk about the importance of allyship in all kinds of relationships. Warren touched on the influence of allyship in his leadership and the workplace culture with Bogs Orial, Executive Assistant to TELUS International's Global Vice President for Facilities, Brand, and Culture, and APAC CFO.

Anne Muñoz, the Country Vice-President of TELUS International Philippines, explore the significance of proactive allyship.

Spectrum of leadership: inclusivity and empathy

“Cultivating allies can be beyond our friends and family. The key ingredient I’ve learned and experienced at TELUS International Philippines is the openness of the LGBTQIA+ team members to inform everyone, especially us in the leadership team ," said Warren. "Through sustained and open collaboration and communication with our LGBTQIA+ community, led by our resource group Spectrum Philippines, we've been able to develop empathy, understanding, and allyship in the organization which goes beyond IDAHOBIT and Pride Month. It's an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion that we are deeply invested in.”

These insights are consistent with the results of the 2023 Pulsecheck Survey, an annual internal survey assessing team member engagement. It highlighted that programs around inclusivity are constantly being improved, creating a safer and healthier workplace to further team members’ careers and personal growth. Equal and abundant opportunities are made available to them with the full support of their leaders.

The 'Mothers are Mothering!' event showcases electrifying performances from TIP's dynamic drag queens, Debby Zorriah and Marcova Monroe. A fun-filled 'Get Ready with the Mothers' drag glam-up challenge.

Fostering allyship

On a personal level, the allyship between drag queen M1ss Jade So and her biological mother, Margie, was strong and evident as they shared their stories of support. M1ss Jade opened up about her struggles growing up as a transwoman, highlighting her mom's consistent support and encouragement. “My mother is the real queen here! She has been my ride-or-die since day one. And I thank my lucky stars for her ‘cause she loves me unconditionally and encourages me to be my true self, whether that’s fighting for me to go to prom in a gown or helping me prepare my stunning drag looks,” she expressed.

With IDAHOBIT closely celebrated with Mother's Day, the event took on an even deeper significance for Jade's mother. She recounted her experience supporting a transgender daughter in a society where misconceptions about transgender identity persist. Her story highlighted the importance of unconditional love and acceptance in creating an environment where individuals can embrace their true identities.

Miss Jade So's mother radiates pride and unconditional love for her daughter, embracing her journey as a transwoman and a celebrated drag queen.

In addition to celebrating diversity and advocating for allyship, the event showcased TELUS International Philippines' enduring commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment for its team members.


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