Sure-hit presents that would be loved by anyone who receives them

December 20, 2018 – Carla Delgado

Between work, family, and other social commitments, you might not have found the time to prepare for Christmas. Don’t worry, Christmas isn’t ruined just yet. You still have enough time to win the holidays.

If you happen to leave all your Christmas shopping until the last minute, you’re probably racking your brain for gift ideas and rushing to the malls to find the perfect presents. The greatest challenge of getting last-minute gifts is making sure no one else beat you to giving it, and convincing your loved ones that you’ve long had these presents for them in mind.

Hand-warmer nap pillow

Photo from Miniso

We all know someone whose spirit Pokemon is Snorlax, the type who would definitely choose sleep over anything. Enter the hand-warmer nap pillow—a soft, cute, affordable, and easy to bring 21st-century invention. It isn’t too big and conveniently fits in most bags, allowing you to nap comfortably anywhere, anytime. We all know our sleepy friends would use this to sneak in some zzz’s at the office—or, at least, that’s our plan anyway.

Cult-favorite lippie

Photo from Sunnies Face

For makeup junkies, nothing could be more addicting than collecting makeup. A lot are probably guilty of buying dozens of beauty products that fall under the same shade range. But whether they're makeup-obsessed or not, we're sure all your girl friends are dying to get their hands on a Sunnies Face lippie one way or another. So why not gift her this smooth and perfectly matte lipstick she's been eyeing for months now? It's sure to complete her #girlboss look!

Trendy chocolate cake

Photo from Facebook/Le Sucre Lab

You've probably seen this before, a golden tin can that holds the most sinful of desserts—a thick layer of gooey chocolate mousse sits on a decadent base of moist cake goodness, crowned with a chocolate ganache disk. The sweet-toothed among your friends would go crazy for this!

Portable power bank

Photo from Silvertec

Nowadays, it takes forever to get anywhere with all the hassle of commuting. Most of us distract ourselves from the stillness of traffic by aimlessly browsing our phones. But that just drains its battery before reaching our destinations. A portable power bank will surely be appreciated in times like those. This practical gift also comes in handy especially for those people who forget to charge their phones before they go to sleep. There are many brands of power banks with different capacities and designs—and, hey, you can never have one too many!

'Twinning' bags

Photo from Pacsafe

What’s better than giving your inseparable squad a defining color? Coral may be the color of the year according to Pantone, but we're just as equally in love with green and earthy shades! Get your friends these unique and scene-stealing kombu green-colored bags so planning matching looks would be so much easier. 

Fire blanket

Photo from Family First

Not every household has a fire extinguisher and giving someone a fire blanket is a practical decision. It is used to extinguish fires at their initial stage. This includes small fires caused by kitchen accidents or gadgets that have short-circuited. There are a few distributors of fire blankets in the Philippines, and you can also easily order one from Lazada. This is a gift you hope your loved ones would never have to use, but you’ll be glad they have it should they ever need it.

Shampoo bar

Photo from Lush Cosmetics

One great way to share your advocacy is through presents. For those trying to reduce waste, switching to shampoo bars is a good start. This great eco-friendly product often comes free of packaging, which means that’s one less plastic bottle off your conscience. Other than being a novel gift, one bar is equivalent to about three bottles of shampoo—and did we mention just how addicting shampoo bars' unique scents are?

Insulated tumbler

Photo from The Bamboo Company

Another eco-friendly gift idea is the magical insulated tumbler. It doesn't only keep your drinks cold or hot for hours, it also lessens single-use plastic bottles and cups. If you love your friends, help them keep hydrated with this thoughtful gift. Make sure to also add a note that says: "Don't forget to use when you're out for coffee or milk tea!" just for that added touch of zero-waste multifunctionality.

Commissioned artwork

Art by Diego Tribdino

You can have art—all kinds of it from drawings, paintings, illustrations, or calligraphy—that are specifically made to your liking. You won't only be ending up with a unique and personalized gift, but you’ll also be helping a lot of skilled Filipino artists out there that are finding ways to afford Christmas presents, too.

If you don’t know where to start, you can scroll through the #ArtPH hashtag on Twitter and see some of the artists’ works so you can pick the style that you’re after. The standard for commissioned artworks is upfront payment, so don’t be surprised when they bill you right away away– it’s a way to support their craft.

Gift-giving is a talent. It makes you reflect on how much you know a person—considering what they want and what they need. But don’t overthink it. The important thing is that it should remain genuine and from the heart.