Solenn Art x Body Party: How Buying Swimwear Can Help Save the Seas

November 06, 2018 – Ryanne Co

Call it what you may—“paradise”, “utopia”, “shangri-la”—but you cannot deny that Palawan is in grave danger. Too many people have come and gone, leaving the Palawan seas a little less pristine and its waters a little less crystal clear. While being an educated tourist helps a lot—leave nothing but footprints, collect nothing but memories and all that -- supporting an advocacy is another.

Recently, local swimwear line, Body Party, released a whole new collection in which they collaborated with Solenn Heussaff and Save the Palawan Seas. The result? Two super cute maillots and two sets of insanely sexy bikinis. The best part about this collection is that Body Party has managed to turn recycled fishnets and plastic bottles into actual swimwear, ones that don’t look like a craft project gone wrong. All swimsuits are sustainable, having been made out of 100% recycled materials.  Plus, every 20% of each purchase goes directly to helping Save the Palawan Seas sustain their projects and environmental efforts.

The collection features Solenn Heusaff’s original artworks imprinted on the swimsuits. There’s the Gran Chaco one-piece, a sexy maillot with a plunging neckline and tie-around detail that cinches the waist at its most flattering point. It features the print from Solenn’s original painting, “Chick Boys”, which pays homage to the vibrant street culture of the Philippines. Gran Chaco’s sister piece is the Amazon one-piece. A little more conservative with a scoop neck line and a low back, this maillot features printed monkeys and giant palm fronds from Solenn’s “1/5” painting.

For a more daring look, go for the Sierra Top and Amber Bottom, a complementary bikini set featuring a triangle bikini top and ruched bikini bottoms. Bright splatters of  red and green provide a vibrant contrast to its black base color, the inspiration of  which comes from “Chick Boys”. The last set on the SolennArtxBodyParty line is the Kinabalu Top and Papua Bottom. Featuring art from Solenn’s “Lanai”, this bikini sends us some major Florida East Coast vibes; it’s her interpretation of  relaxed aura of  Palm Beach, with bright royal blues and baby pinks. The Kinabalu Top has a tie-around detail that’s perfect with the high-waist style of the Papua Bottom.

If you’ve noticed anything about this collection, it’s that nature takes front and center. From its art (which includes large palm fronds and monkeys) to its conceptualization and even down to its business model (sustainability, sustainability, sustainability!), Body Party and Solenn know one thing is true: nature unites us. So maybe next time when you’re thinking of going for a swim, you’d best put on your sexiest Body Party suit and dive right into the crystal cool waters that you and I are all called to love and protect.    

If you haven’t already taken a look at this gorgeous line, go ahead and visit their website. The entire collection is already available there.