Nightlife in Manila is Alive!

April 26, 2022 – Bea Dela Torre

Oh how we’ve missed jam-packed clubs, meeting new people over drinks, and dancing to our favorite DJs' beats!

And what a way to celebrate this rebirth than with one of the world's best tipples - Moët & Chandon!

We’ve all enjoyed private parties with close friends and families. We've learned to find beauty in simple, intimate celebrations.

Privacy, peace, and quiet are all well and good, but there is also a time for new friends, lavish parties and wild celebration! Let's welcome the “new normal" with an old favorite- the frenetic energy fizzing inside gold bottles of Moët!

What is Moët and what’s so special about it?

Well seeing as how everyone longs for the roaring raves of the past, Moët & Chandon has been a staple for almost 300 years. As one of the most prominent brands in the champagne industry, demand for this exclusive beverage is now at over 30 million bottles annually. This doesn't even include the company's other well-loved brands: Dom Perignon and Hennessy Cognac.

Moët symbolizes luxury, success, and elegance, no wonder it's Queen Elizabeth’s favorite! #WeWillNeverBeRoyals but we can certainly drink like them.

Experience true luxury with its gorgeous golden color, its rich flavor, and velvety texture (best paired with steak, caviar, and white truffle).

Marking the comeback of Manila’s nightlife, Moët has recently launched its first Glam Night in Xylo at The Palace. It was a night filled with sparkly fizz, great music, and strobe lights specially for those who love to dance and rave. If you’ve missed it, Moët is hosting another glam night this coming May 2022.

If you’ve watched Gossip Girl, think of episodes of Chuck Bass’ party set in Manila’s hottest club. If you haven’t, state the obvious. Xylo is a club that needs no introduction and they’re back open for a more exciting experience. Impeccable bottle service, luxurious seating, a new and improved lighting and sound system, it’s the perfect set for a night of golden and silvery glam.

Reserve your tables. Call your friends and celebrate life with a bottle of Moët in Manila’s hottest club!


Note: Xylo has implemented strict COVID-19 protocols according to the IATF and Taguig Safety City guidelines. Be sure to bring your valid ID (physical copy), vaccination card, and don’t forget to reserve your tables.


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