Loewe’s Puzzle Bag is the newest favorite among celebrities

April 05, 2019 – Vinz Lamorena

A quick turn to the right is all it takes to spot the newest store at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong. Like most luxury brands there, its name is in big, bold, well-lit letters. The Spanish brand may have no window display, but on the far back, mounted on its walls is an eye-catching collection of bags—an invitation to step into its marbled space that one simply can’t turn down.

Loewe is a European brand not known by many, but it has signature elements that even fashion newbs can easily recognize. There’s the elegant leather knot, as well as its ergonomic structured designs. The brand has a vision of reinventing the most basic silhouettes, turning them into playful masterpieces that merge fashion and architecture.

Take their iconic Hammock bag, for example. Its design is reminiscent of the trusty bucket bag, with its structure completely innovated to embrace a multifunctional form. While their bestselling Puzzle Bag is a strong testament of their masterfully unique designs. The cubic bag can be worn five different ways. And we don’t just mean the usual transition from handbag to crossbody, its cuboid shape and cuts actually allows it to transform into a trapezoid clutch.

It’s no wonder local celebrities choose these two bags to be part of their collections. These give an effortlessly chic touch to any outfit, and make lots of room for functional versatility. “Their bags are very handy for women who are on the go, for women that are working,” actress Heart Evangelista tells alike. “That’s the reality of the time—you don’t wanna lose yourself even when you’re busy. You still want to be beautiful and Loewe caters to that.”

Heart added a playful touch to her bright peach Mini Puzzle Bag with a white calfskin Loewe bunny charm. The small bag was a pop of color against the black knit bodycon dress she wore. “I also have it in baby blue. I just love it! I even bought Chiz a Puzzle Bag a few months ago,” she shares.

The celebs’ top tip is to go for the bolder colors of the mini Puzzle Bag, as it gives any outfit an edgy personality. It’s still an everyday, go-to bag even with its striking skin. “I can definitely wear it with t-shirt and jeans,” Kelly Misa says. “I just checked—it fits my phone and that’s the most important part. I have some mini bags that don’t even allow me to put my phone inside—it’s useless but cute. I love that this one is functional and cute at the same time.”

The TV show host was seen with her very own Signature Tan Puzzle Bag which she has been using for the past year. She raved about its durable and scratch-proof leather and elegant hardware. “It’s important for me to get my cost per wear, and this one, I actually get to use it all the time! It still looks brand new. I think Loewe is very elegant and understated and that’s what really drew me into their bags.”

“Of course, bag these days are considered as investments. I’m so happy it goes with everything and it’s just so chic,” Kelly tells alike. “You don’t need to baby it, but you get a wonderful bag that will last you forever!”

The Puzzle Bag is actually quite spacious. So for this on-the-go mom and frequent traveler, its effortless style goes with its dependable functionality. To no one’s surprise, solo artist Claudia Barretto backs her up on this one. “I think the Puzzle Bag is everyone’s favorite,” Claudia says. “It just looks different yet it still has that classic leather bag touch to it.”

“In my recent trip abroad, I was actually browsing around a Loewe store but didn’t get to decide what to bring home. Now that there’s one in Manila, it’s just so much easier to shop! It has such unique designs. I feel like not enough people know about it, it really deserves more recognition,” Claudia adds.

While everyone else is caught by the charms of this cuboid bag, actress Gabbi Garcia has her eyes on another. We don’t blame her, the structure silhouettes of the Hammock design is exceptionally sleek and seductive.

At the opening of Loewe’s Manila store, however, Gabbi decided to match a classy khaki denim ensemble with a bejeweled basket bag. It’s from the fashion house’s Summer/Spring 2019 collection. She shares the bag’s added touch of sparkle lends it more elegance and makes it match any kind of outfitits a must-have accessory for summer, perfect for those beach trips and casual city ’fits.

For those going for a comfortable and chic style, we hope you’re taking notes.

Photos by Vinz Lamorena. Find Loewe at the first floor East Wing, Shangri-la Plaza.