Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shine on the Oscars stage

February 25, 2019 – alike Editorial Team

It's Jack and Ally one last time.

The much awaited performance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for "Shallow" was an indescribable moment for the Oscars viewers. It was glorious in every sense—seeing Lady Gaga take the lead behind the piano as Cooper glances at her as if she was the only star that evening.

The Lady Gaga-composed song for "A Star is Born" has won its well-deserved Best Original Song award at the Academy, but what people will continue to remember is how they immortalized this track on the Oscar stage. It was a performance oblivious to brilliance, a raw and intimate moment for all the world to witness.

Cooper and Lady Gaga's chemistry proves to continue off the "A Star is Born" screen as they fill in the shoes of their characters once again.

"This is hard work and I've worked hard for a long time. It's not about winning. It's about not giving up," Lady Gaga said as she accepted her first ever Oscar award.