KMOSE: Fun ‘til the last puff

March 08, 2022 – Daphne Sagun

Healthier, safer, and more fun! These are the buzzwords that describe one of the best e-cigarette devices on the market: KMOSE, where you can have fun ‘til the last puff!

KMOSE is a brand committed to creating electronic cigarette products that are safer and healthier, to help global smokers begin the changing of their smoking habits. From the brand name itself, the transformation of SMOKE to KMOSE shows the beginning of changing.

How does KMOSE make vaping better? By taking the vaping experience to the next level. KMOSE founder Jack Huang became curious about e-cigarettes when he and his co-founder were studying in the UK. At the time, Jack found e-cigarettes to be strange. His curiosity led him to try understanding e-cigarettes, and how it pulls people out of using tobacco and fall in love with vaping. This was the beginning of the KMOSE journey.

They worked hand-in-hand with e-cigarette users and researchers, conducting market research, analysis, and learning more about e-cigarette products. As Jack learned more about e-cigarettes, he saw more and more reasons why e-cigarettes are an amazing innovation. Growing more passionate about it, he returned to China and created his own e-cigarette brand and product for global adult smokers.

Jack’s vision led KMOSE to develop high-end e-cigarette products that offer a fun smoking experience. The brand offers a unique variety of flavors: green bean sorbet, original tobacco, juicy grape, double ice blast, hawaiian pineapple, ice oolong tea, watermelon sherbet, bubble cola, and passionfruit breeze. These flavors are unique to KMOSE’s products, something that you will never find in other vape brands.

Their vape device also comes in a variety of colors: black, silver, green, lilac, mint, and yellow. Beyond the aesthetics, they take the vaping experience to the next level with their ingenious product design.  Their leading concept of giving high-quality and good experience led them to researching and developing products with new technological impetus. From the product’s raw materials and to its model design, they follow the highest standards in the industry, putting the user’s experience at the heart of the brand.

Their e-liquids have been made by experts with relevant experimental data to give users a reliable e-liquid quality that is safe and enjoyable. Their product has a high-end design concept that makes other brands pale in comparison. Their device is life-proof, highly durable, and can keep up with the user’s fun and energetic lifestyle. It also has an “oil core separation” technology, which gives a more efficient sealing and protection of the e-liquid. This reduces leakages, a common problem in other brands.

Best of all, you get to have fun ‘til the last puff! Unlike other brands, KMOSE doesn’t leave a bad taste at the end of the pod’s life so you can have your money’s worth.

Fun, safe, and healthy. What more can you ask for? Their desire and dedication to provide the best products for e-cigarette users truly makes this brand outstanding. So, take your smoking experience to the next level with KMOSE!

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