Holiday surprise gifts your Mom will endlessly thank you for

December 24, 2018 – alike Editorial Team

Moms are simply the best. Whatever comes your way, rest assured they’ll be backing you up in every way they can. As we owe our parents so much love and gratitude, holiday gift-giving just gets harder and harder every year!

We know it’s almost Christmas eve, but it’s never too late to turn up with the perfect present (we’re sure some of you are letting the holiday shopping craze die down a bit). Imagine this: Just when your mom thought she’d have no grand gifts to open (or has ended up with a perfect one to regift to one of her amigas), you’ll be there to surprise her with an overly thoughtful and well-deserved gift she’ll never forget.

Here’s our top tip: Whatever you decide to give her, make sure it’s accompanied by a sincere letter. For those of us who aren’t very expressive, a handwritten note is the perfect addition to whatever’s underneath all the ribbons and trappings. We’re sure your mom will love the following presents:

Luxury handbag

Photo from Furla

You’ve probably watched enough Jo Koy and Bretman Rock clips to be convinced that the Filipino mom’s favorite luxury brand is Louis Vuitton. We all know Neverfull’s the classic and iconic choice (that is, if she doesn’t have it yet), but you can also tap into your inner fashionista and find her an equally suave and functional bag. One that’s so distinct, she probably won’t see anyone else flaunting it in the mall. Remember—don’t get her anything too small. We all know our moms have so many things to stash!

PS: We’re currently obsessed with the Pin Satchel from Furla!

Classic pearls

Photo from Namí PH

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Your mom already has the perfect pearl earrings that has been passed on from generation to generation. But there’s no harm in adding an eccentric yet timeless piece to her jewelry collection. Try these dangling earrings from Namí’s holiday collection. The silhouette of these fresh water baroque pearls are sure to complement any outfit—if not fish for compliments!


Photo from Lazada

Are you tired of hearing your mom complain about your house’s unflattering scent? Get her this oil diffuser that’s guaranteed to make your mom feel as if she’s entering a garden of fresh flowers once she steps into your home. But don’t stop there! Make a short stop to the nearest Rustan’s and grab her favorite bottle of perfume (we’re guessing it’s Clinique Happy, Lime Basil & Mandarin from Jo Malone, or Chanel Chance). Just so she smells scent-sational wherever she goes.

Fashionable sandals

Photo from Fit Flop

Not everyone is a big fan of heels and platform shoes. Your mom might have even outgrown her love for the additional height these pairs give, and have switched to more comfortable options. Enter the fashionable and versatile Fit Flop sandals. It’s got the comfort-fit of slippers with designs you can easily pair with any style. Check out the Fino Shellstone design for your mom. This faux leather pair is adorned with mother of pearl stones—definitely an intended pun.

Skincare boost

Photo from La Mer

Skincare is important. No matter how flawless your mom’s skin is thanks to genetics, science is here to help so she’ll be glowing every single day she wakes. Make your mom add serums into her daily routine that minimizes skin imperfection and helps in cell renewal. We’ve heard great reviews for La Mer’s The Concentrate—it’s definitely a celebrity-favorite! 

Caffeine package

Photo from Lazada

Nothing beats freshly brewed coffee. If your mom is the type who can’t function without her morning cup of caffeine, then maybe this French coffee press would be her new best friend. Here’s a great idea: This 2019, help her find a different kind of roast by sampling new blends of beans from different local brands for every week of the new year.—Hannah Arcenal