Follow these Instagram accounts if you want to start your own K-pop journal

February 16, 2019 – Kristin Esber—There’s no doubt how Kpop fans love their favorite idol groups (especially their biases) so much. They show this love through making fan chants, writing letters, creating fan art, and buying the group’s merchandize (that is topped by albums and light sticks). But just recently, an alternative way emerged that shows just how dedicated these fans can get when it comes to the idols they love. The latest trend among fans is K-pop journaling.

Well, in general, journaling isn’t new. People journal their everyday lives and their travel experiences to remember the good (and the bad) things. But K-pop brought journaling to a whole new level of creativity. The fans’ love for their favorite idol groups are scribbled in notebooks or journals and with the use of the different colored pens, stickers, printouts, and tapes.

Want to create your own cute and creative pages for your idols? Here are some fans to follow on Instagram to help you start your K-pop journal journey:


Kuro is an 18-year-old Filipina residing in the United States. Her journals shows her love for pastel colors. At first glance, it may seem like her featured pages only consist of notes from school and class schedules, but you’ll also see her post about the journals she has dedicated to her favorite K-pop groups such as BTS and BlackPink. She even collaborates with other fans who does journaling, too. To fellow J-Hope fans, you should check out the page she dedicated to the artist. You’ll see her unbelievably neat hand writing, pictures of J-Hope, and some stickers. On it she explained why J-Hope is her bias among the members—something we know diehards can all related to!


This account is owned by Breana, a 22-year-old Vietnamese-American that has been journaling since November 2017. Together with travel journal entries are pages that show her admiration for idol groups EXO, Twice, Red Velvet, and NCT 127. Artists Chungha and Sunmi get their own journal entries, too.  With more muted pages with pops of colors here and there, she introduces her favorite idol groups and writes the profile of each members with different styles of calligraphy, coupled with some doodles. She even writes about EXO’s latest single “Love Shot.”


An account owned by a proud EXO-L, her pages are most filled by EXO-related stories and thoughts. But most of her cute and creative pages feature her ultimate bias, Kai. She also designs and prints her own stickers, and it’s absolutely adorable! How we wish she would put them up for sale for our own journals. You’ll also find some pages dedicated to her favorite shows. She also wrote about Netflix’s “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” in her account.   


Vicky is an 18-year-old Vietnamese living in the US, and a self-proclaimed Monbebe (or a fan of Monsta X)! Her colorful and neatly done pages are full of her love for the boys of Monsta X and NCT 127. Of course, there are pages dedicated to every single member of her favorite idol groups, but she also talks about her adventures as a K-pop fan. She wrote about her experience of going to an NCT 127 concert and her personal struggles in learning the Korean language. Fans of drama series “Memories of Alahambra” will also be delighted to know the show has landed in her pages.


The owner of the account is Mia, a 16-year-old journal enthusiast from the US. Ever since March 2018, she had been journaling mainly about BTS and her bias, Jimin. On the same medium, she also shows how much she stans girl idol groups such as CLC, Twice, Red Velvet, and BlackPink. Mia sticks to a blue, red, and pink color palette for that clean look. She even collaborates with other K-pop and K-drama fans who are into journaling. Her most recent collaborative pages feature the drama “Just Between Lovers.”


With almost 400 journal pages, this 22-year-old Carat (or a fan of Seventeen) proves the unprecedented dedication of K-pop fans.  With her drawings and calligraphy, Ashley is able to turn a pages of a simple notebook to pocketable art. Using her K-pop journals, she documents her fondness and awe for Seventeen and its members. But her pages are not only limited to K-pop idols, she also makes pages featuring the DJ and music producer Millic, the variety show “Real Men 300,” and the drama “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.”


Another Filipina owns this account. She has around 40 colorful and creative pages dedicated to her love for K-pop. You’ll see her share her creative notes for school and decorated weekly schedules, and how she uses calligraphy to prove her love for Stray Kids, Red Velvet, and BlackPink. Being a Stay (or a fan of Stray Kids), this 14-year-old makes pages that feature members such as Felix and Jisung. Her love for "Goblin," the first Korean drama she ever watched, can also be seen in one of her journal pages.

These journals just proved that the fans’ love and passion for their favorites groups are out of this world. It also shows how creative fans can get as they lovingly put these pages together. The best part is, every fan can do it too! All it takes is a little creativity and imagination.