FinTech Alliance PH elevates AI discourse in Manila Tech Summit

July 05, 2024 – Alike Editorial

Fintech Alliance.PH, the country’s premier association of fintech and digital innovators announced that it is gathering the largest number of fintech, finance, and digital finance organizations in the upcoming Manila Tech Summit to discuss the impact of the AI Revolution to bolstering Philippine economic growth.

Formerly known as INDX - Inclusion and Digital Transformation Summit, the fourth installment of the much-awaited prestigious collective of organizations is focused on the theme "AI Unlocked: Shaping Our Digital Future," and is set to take place on August 6-7, 2024, at the Manila Marriott Hotel, Newport World Resorts, Pasay City.

The Manila Tech Summit aims to explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping the nation's landscape and driving economic prosperity, efficiency, and innovation across key sectors such as finance, education, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, and e-commerce. 

Fintech Alliance.PH also sealed its partnerships with Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), Global AI Council, and Credit Information Corporation (CIC). PMA President and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Newport World Business Kathy Mercado, Global AI Council President Catherine Jalandoni, and CIC President and CEO Atty. Ben Salazar were present to forge the strategic partnerships of their organizations with the leading fintech organization.

Lito Villanueva, Founding Chairman of the Fintech Alliance and RCBC Executive Vice President and Chief Innovations and Inclusion Officer, emphasized the dent that AI has and will make on the Philippine economy. “AI is not just a tool; it is a transformative force that will reshape industries, influence economies, and cultivate innovation. Our theme reflects our collective aspiration to harness the immense potential of AI to drive progress, enhance efficiencies, and create unparalleled opportunities for growth.”

Villannueva added that it is the perfect time for the whole industry to come together and elevate the discourse on the future of AI in the Philippines.

“Being a step ahead means incubating ideas, motivating peers, and mainstreaming coopetition. After all, we can only continue thriving as an industry by tackling challenges and opportunities ahead, and plotting our future together through healthy competition and meaningful collaborations not only here but regionally and globally,” Villanueva expounded.

From L-R : Ida Tiongson, Fintech Alliance PH Trustee; Catz Jalandoni, Global AI Council President; Lito Villanueva, Fintech Alliance PH Founding Chairman; Kathy Mercado, Philippine Marketing Association President; Atty. JJ Disini Fintech Alliance PH Trustee; and Atty. Ben Baltazar, CIC President and CEO.

The event is expected to be an opportunity for members of the finance and fintech sector to identify the current trajectory of the industry and to leverage the emergence of AI technologies within the country and globally for sustained growth. 

The two-day summit will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and collaborative learning opportunities on the following topics: Issues and Challenges on AI Adoption in Asia, Harnessing AI: Evolving Skill Sets for the Tech Industry, Cities of the Future: Developing a Digital City, The Horizon of Quantum Computing, AI and Machine Learning In FinTech: Balancing Customer and Creditor Protection, AI Pathways to Socio-economic Development, Building the Great Wall of Cybersecurity: Upskilling Filipinos for the Next Industrial Revolution, and The Future of Filipino Artificial Intelligence.

Since its inception, the summit has become a flagship event for Fintech Alliance, serving as an exceptional platform for learning and networking among professionals and stakeholders committed to sustainable digital transformation. The event has grown significantly over the years, attracting participants from various industries. Attendees will have the chance to engage with economic policymakers, industry leaders, practitioners, legislators, and government partners involved in digital finance, digital transformation, innovations, and strategy.

The Manila Tech Summit is staged in collaboration with several government agencies, including the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Department of Finance, Department of Information and Communications Technology, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Securities and Exchange Commission, National Development Company, National Privacy Commission, Credit Information Corporation, Insurance Commission, Anti-Money Laundering Council, and National Economic Development Authority. A number of strategic private partners will also be joining this biggest tech event in the country such as the Asian Institute of Management, Ateneo John Gokongwei School of Management, International Data Corporation, ASEAN Economic Forum, Asia FinTech Alliance, AI Global Council, Philippine Marketing Association, BDO, Insight Genie, Huawei, Shield, Digital Bank Associations, Grab Defence, Netcore, IDFy, GCash, Bureau Inc., Tata Consultancy Services, SID Technology, Institute of Internal Auditors, InvestHK, Globe Business, LinkedIn, Philippine Airlines, PLDT, and WIZ.AI. 

To register for the event, please visit:

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