Feng Shui Tips to Manifest Romance this Lunar New Year

February 01, 2024 – Alike Editorial

 “New Year New Me” is a common declaration we hear at the start of every new year, as we strive to leave the old behind and bring in fresh, exciting experiences for the year.

In 2024, Bumble says “New Year New Love” and invites single Filipinos to “manifest the love you want” - revealing 6 Feng Shui tips from Bumble and Singapore-born, London-based TikTok viral Feng Shui Expert, Cliff Tan (@dearmodern), for love seekers to welcome new romance into their lives by simply rearranging the furniture in their personal space, in time for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Lucille McCart, APAC Communications Director, said “At Bumble, we help people find romance by providing a platform to meet genuine connections. With 2024 looking to be the “year of self” as predicted by Bumble’s latest Dating Trends report, we hope that our community will be able to use these tips to not only spring clean and refresh their personal spaces, but to also understand that opening yourself up to new connections can be as easy as removing items that don’t serve you anymore. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new.”

 Here are some tips to make way for love and romance by giving your room a fresh twist:

  1. 1. Arrange your mind before your space

Feng Shui is all about making your environment work for you to support your mental well-being. When it comes to love, you can only love someone else when you first learn to love yourself. For a start, acknowledge your emotional needs by creating a sitting area in your room for you to take a break. Take some time to discover your own intangible needs and allow them to happen in your space.

  1. 2. Create balance through furniture

Love is the coming together of people, which makes balance important. Create this sense of balance by rearranging your furniture to have space on both sides of your bed, and place bedside tables with table lamps on each side to signify this. If there isn’t enough space to place the bed in the center, you can place it in a corner but have items to represent space for two, such as a loveseat or two chairs.

  1. 3. Make space, literally

The only way someone can enter your life is if you make space for them - literally. Clear and organize your room so that it is free of clutter and ready to take in new things. A tidy and clean room will not only make it more enjoyable, but also allow positive energy to flow freely and stay within your space.

  1. 4. Set the right atmosphere with lighting

Once your room is clean and tidy, the next step is to set the ambience to make you think of love. Avoid harsh, overhead lights or naked bulbs. Instead, use indirect, soft lighting, or even candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Pink is a color that works well, so you may consider salt lamps or even choosing this sweet hue for your bedding and accessories.

  1. 5. Love Corner

 The Love Corner in Feng Shui is usually a corner visible from the bed and deep inside the room away from the entrance, where you place objects that symbolize love. A pair of mandarin ducks, a rose crystal, or flowers are traditional elements, but feel free to use anything that makes you think of love.

  1. 6. Embrace freshness

Just like how you would spring clean for Lunar New Year, opening yourself up to romance can start with something as simple as removing items that don’t serve you anymore. In the Philippines, 9 out of 10 Filipinos2 are willing to part ways with gifts from their exes. Even if they are pretty things, remove photos, gifts, and anything which may hold such memories and store them away. A fresh, neutral space clear of the heaviness of the past will certainly help you move forward and start afresh in 2024.


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