'Fast Filipino’ Iñigo Anton gears up for his Formula 4 debut

December 01, 2023 – Alike Editorial

A decade of racing dominance leads to Formula 4 debut for this young car racer at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia this weekend.

Excitement builds through the racing community as 19-year-old Filipino professional racer Iñigo Anton gears up for his Formula 4 debut with BlackArts Racing in the F4 South East Asia Series Championship happening at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia from December 1 to 3.

The Anton family, known for their legacy in motorsports, expressed their pride in Iñigo's achievements. "Inigo has been dreaming about driving formula cars since he was 6 years old and it's finally happening. More than his accomplishments, we are very proud of his determination and unwavering spirit to reach his goals,” said Inigo's mother and manager, Karen Navarrete Anton during a sendoff press conference at Manila Yacht Club. “We are thankful to all the sponsors, teams, family and friends who have supported him. Their belief in his potential has brought him to where he is now."

Reflecting on this journey, Anton expressed his gratitude to everyone who made this possible. "I feel like I've been preparing my whole life for this opportunity, and it's finally happening! I am grateful for this chance to compete in Formula cars and I owe it all to the people who have helped me along the way. My family, my coaches, my team's sponsors and supporters, everyone has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this debut race possible. I will continue to do my very best for all of you," shared Anton, who is currently enrolled in the University of Baguio as an Athlete Scholar using a modular, distance-learning curriculum.


Adding support to Anton is renowned watch brand Time Master Watches, further underlining the significance of this moment. Brian Poe Llamanzares, president of Time Master Watches, expressed his pride, sharing, “I’m proud to be able to help promote my former teammate’s F4 debut! I have no doubt that Inigo will bring great pride to the Philippines. He’s a fantastic brand ambassador for Time Master Watches. Our group of companies, including TMW, have been continuously supporting the future of sports in the Philippines.”

With a decade-long career studded with triumphs and milestones, Iñigo Anton has emerged as a true luminary. From his early exploits at the age of eight to his recent successes in top-tier championships, Anton's journey is a testament to relentless dedication and exceptional skill.

A promising future in the racing world

Anton's saga began at an astonishingly young age, securing victory as a time attack champion at just eight years old. His unmatched speed, precision, and car control marked him as a prodigy, signaling a promising future in the racing world. The transition to karting saw Anton's adaptability shine. Named the 2015 Formula Cadet Philippine Novice Karter of the Year and the 2016 Formula Cadet Philippine National Karter of the Year, Anton also clinched the top spot on the podium in Macau during 1st round of the 2015 Asian Karting Open Championships.

At 11, Anton etched his name in history, becoming the youngest slalom and autocross champion racer. His unmatched abilities navigated challenging courses with speed, agility, and finesse, consistently finishing on the podium. Anton's dominance extended to the highly competitive Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Vios Cup.

Winning three consecutive championships, he was the 2019 TGR Festival Autocross Overall Champion, 2021 Sporting Class Overall Champion and 2022 TGR Vios Cup Super- Sporting Class Overall Champion. Anton was also named 2022 Driver of the Year in Circuit Racing by the Automobile Association of the Philippines after winning the 2022 Philippine Grand Touring Championships.

In the Radical Championship, Anton set himself apart as the "Fastest Car Racer" in the Philippines, consistently setting lap records for Radical SR1 in the Clark International Speedway. Anton's versatility was further showcased in Esports, becoming the first Filipino to compete in the Olympic Esports Week for Motorsports in Singapore. Competing against the top 10 Gran Turismo virtual racers in the world, Anton's achievement highlighted his ability to excel across different platforms and solidified his status as a well-rounded competitor.

In 2020, Anton's talent shone brightly at the 24 Hours Le Mans Virtual, one of the most prestigious virtual racing events in the world. Anton, together with his teammates from Axle Sports, finished 4th overall, beating Formula 1 Superstar Max Verstappen and his team in the process. Against a highly competitive field of drivers, he demonstrated remarkable skill and unfaltering focus.

Conquering the international  stage

Former F1 racer Alex Yoong, a key figure in Anton's racing development, remarked, "Inigo Anton is one of the most talented drivers I’ve worked with. From Gymkhana to representing the Philippines in Esports to winning in real life circuit racing. I’m super excited to see if he can now succeed with single seaters in the future. For now, it’s a big step with practically no testing except in the simulator so it will be a huge learning curve for him. We will go easy and focus on getting the experience this round and building for the future."

Peter Yung, the Marketing Head for Motul Philippines Infiniteserv International, a key sponsor in Inigo’s debut, shared his perspective, affirming, "Motul Philippines recognizes Inigo's incredible talents and unwavering commitment to Motorsports, which aligns perfectly with the brand's core values. Iñigo has been winning in all the racing championships he has joined here in the Philippines and we believe that he is ready to conquer the international stage."

Iñigo Anton has carved a remarkable path in the car racing world. From dominating slalom and autocross to excelling in higher tiers of motorsport, Anton's journey has been defined by unwavering dedication and sheer talent. His relentless drive and exceptional skills have earned him a well-deserved reputation as the "Fast Filipino." As the Filipino racing community rallies behind Iñigo Anton, his Formula 4 debut promises to be a thrilling chapter in the young racer's career.

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