Even with its new sunflower lounge, the Inflatable Island is more than just a pretty place

March 27, 2019 – Diane Gundaya

Upon arriving in the Inflatable Island, I let out a gasp in admiration when I first saw it from afar. It was so big and indeed as colorful as it was in photographs! If you are an Instagram hoe, this is the best place to shoot content for your summer grid.

But before going, better prepare all your gadgets (charge your phones and power banks) and make sure you buy those waterproof cases for your phones to be able to capture moments at the floating playground, which is, by the way, quite hard to do! It’s quite risky, but what wouldn’t you do for the ’Gram?

Cute pink and yellow bean bags with matching summer umbrellas greeted us on our way to the beach. Called the Pink and Yellow Bali Lounge, it is the perfect spot for those who just want to have their alone time and stay along the shore without getting too much of Mr. Sun’s energy. (Also: Perfect for the ’Gram!)

Speaking of Mr. Sun’s energy, you might want to bring a high SPF sunblock because the sun shines so bright in Subic. Your skin will be needing some intense love and protection. Bring out your favorite sunnies and your summer hat for that added shield! 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a bigger space to chill, you can head on to the newest Sunflower Lounge where there are Sunflower-themed day beds with cute pillows! You can eat, sleep, read, work, write or whatever you want because there is a long table attached on each bed. Surround yourselves with giant sunflowers (which can give you enough shade from the sun) while you chill and watch people make their way through the playground.

But the wonder doesn’t stop in lazying around the shore, fun, excitement, and a whole lot of slip-ups is what Inflatable Island is all about. It is known to be the biggest floating playground in Asia, that’s about 8 basketball courts put together! Just by looking at it made me excited and nervous at the same time.

Before proceeding to the obstacle course, people are given an orientation on the rules that you should be aware of while you enjoy your time at the playground. Everyone is required to wear life vests before playing, so if you don’t know how to swim, you’ll float eventually.

There are also plenty of lifeguards around the area who happens to be so helpful, patient, and definitely entertaining! They will give you words of motivation and encouragement right away when you feel like giving up on the obstacle courses. 

I am in awe of how they manage to climb their way up the high inflatables effortlessly and how they just walk around the playground without slipping—they are such pros!

The inflatables are so slippery—walking slowly and cautiously would be the best approach to get anywhere, because it’s so easy to slide or trip into the water. If you can’t really balance yourself enough to walk, you can just crawl your way to the next obstacle course—just like I did! (Warning, it will really hurt your knees, mine turned so red). 

I tried crossing the Monkey Vines because I thought it was the easiest way to get to the Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide. However, I was wrong. This part of the Island was so slippery and it kept moving from side to side because of the waves underneath. It made me panic a little.

One of the lifeguards offered to help me cross and he kept on telling me to just breathe, relax, and just follow his steps. Thanks to him, I managed to get through it! Sometimes you just need an extra push to overcome the things that you are scared to do (#Preach).

Talking about extra push, I tried the Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide which really tested my trust. The lifeguard even joked about how the obstacle is suited for people who can easily let go. The swing requires you to release the handle when you approach the water—which turned out quite hard for someone like me who has trust issues (we’re still talking about the inflatables right here not love life). 

Because of its height, I was so scared to jump on my own. I noticed that my knees were trembling so hard. The lifeguard kept on cheering for me and when I realized that I couldn’t do it by myself, I asked him to just push me. Which is by the way, the best decision that I made because it made me relax more.

That short yet exhilarating moment of just swinging in the air and just letting physics play with your body is such a wonderful yet nerve-wracking experience. When it was time to release the handle, the lifeguard shouted for me to release my grip. For a short while, I was frightened to let go of it again, but eventually managed to do so.

The impact of falling onto the water was the worst, I had saltwater inside my eyes, nose, and ears but it was still one for the books. So if you want to learn how to let go, better try this! It’s worth it, I promise!

If you are looking for a more intense obstacle course, the new 30-foot Vortex is the one for you! It is great for people who have a strong endurance because you have to swim towards the tunnel and climb up using a rope. When you reach the top of the Vortex, you’ll be sliding only on a half-slide and you’ll go straight into the water at 30-feet high. The impact of your fall will really hurt quite a bit—but, hey, you only live once so why not try it?

Another tip, you can also give your phones or cameras to the lifeguards because they can take awesome photos and videos of you as you try the different obstacle courses. Better to record your experience so you have some proof (and bragging rights) to show that you have conquered Inflatable Island’s playground at least once in your life! 

If you just want an easy yet sensational one, you can try the Human Launcher! You will just lay down on the edge of a 9-meter cylindrical shaped inflatable and wait as the lifeguards jump on the other side of the inflatable to launch you high up in the air like a cannonball and onto the water. Trust me, you’ll be the center of attention because people will stop whatever they are doing just to see you make your way to the sky.

There are more fun and thrilling obstacle courses for you and your family and friends to try! Spend your whole day at Inflatable Island and I guarantee you that it would be one of the best days in your life! Aside from it being pretty and Instagram worthy, this is also a good place to conquer your fears and learn to let loose! This is the place where you can be a kid again and where kids can enjoy being kids—with a twist!

Fun starts at Php 499 pesos up to Php 899 for the whole day. You can also check out Inflatable Island’s website to see their packages and promos. Photos courtesy of Inflatable Island.