Cabasse Makes Grand Entrance Into the Philippine Market: A Celebration of Sound and Innovation

June 05, 2024 – Alike Editorial

French audio brand Cabasse officially launched its Philippine operations on May 17, 2024, at Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City. The highly anticipated event brought together audiophiles, and industry professionals all eager to experience the immersive sound quality Cabasse is renowned for.

A Legacy of Pioneering Acoustics

Cabasse, founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, boasts a rich heritage of technological advancements in the world of audio.  Their dedication to pushing boundaries is evident in their patented coaxial speaker technology, a testament to their commitment to delivering a pure and unadulterated listening experience.

Thibault Labaume, Sales Manager APAC for Cabasse, addressed the audience, highlighting the brand's unwavering focus on innovation.  He stated, "Cabasse is very famous for being the masters of coaxial technology. Basically, our patented coaxial loudspeakers allow all sound waves to emanate from a single source point, creating a more homogenous sound and frequencies." This innovative technology ensures that listeners experience sound exactly as the artist intended, with unparalleled clarity and precision.

The launch event wasn't just about showcasing Cabasse's impressive technology; it was also a celebration of their partnership with Absolute Harmonics Inc., the official distributor of Cabasse products in the Philippines. 

 "I really love it [Cabasse]. Among all the speakers I tried, this is one step closer to what I really want the sound to be. It has great balance, the harmonics are far more extended than other products, and it's easy to work with. You get that great deep sound and get great value in these products," said Rico Cheng, President of Absolute Harmonics Inc. and Cabasse Philippines, as he expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Sound

The launch program offered a glimpse into the exciting future of Cabasse in the Philippines. Labaume shared the brand's roadmap, outlining their commitment to expanding their product offerings and establishing a strong presence in the Filipino audio market.

The event culminated in a raffle draw, giving attendees a chance to win a piece of the Cabasse experience as facilitated by Rico, and his wife and business partner, Rollin Cheng. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the lucky winner walked away with Cabasse premium product, eager to experience the magic of their sound firsthand.

Beyond the Launch: A New Era for Audio in the Philippines

The launch of Cabasse in the Philippines marks a significant moment for audio enthusiasts in the country. With its commitment to innovation, exceptional sound quality, and a strong local partnership, Cabasse is poised to redefine the audio landscape in the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, the launch wasn't just about celebrating Cabasse's legacy; it was also about showcasing their latest innovation, the Pearl Myuki.

This new ultra-portable, ultra-powerful, high-resolution connected active speaker system with a battery is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality on the go.  The Pearl Myuki features Cabasse's signature coaxial technology, ensuring a rich and balanced listening experience, even in less than ideal acoustic environments.

With its sleek design, compact size, and powerful battery, the Pearl Myuki is the perfect companion for audiophiles who demand exceptional sound quality wherever they go. The Pearl Myuki's debut at the launch event generated considerable excitement among attendees, and it promises to be a popular addition to Cabasse's product portfolio in the Philippines.

The arrival of Cabasse in the Philippines marks the beginning of a new chapter in the country's audio scene. Audiophiles and music lovers can now look forward to a future filled with fascinating and high-quality listening experiences.

Cabasse's focus on tailoring exceptional audio experiences to Filipino preferences suggests a deep commitment to understanding the local market. This augurs well for their potential to become a household name synonymous with pristine sound quality in the country.

Cabasse store is located at Level 5, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City.

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