Bernhardt Furniture Unveils Award-Winning Power Motion Collection

June 09, 2024 – Alike Editorial

Home Mavericks Inc, exclusive distributor of Luxury Furniture Brand Bernhardt, hosted an exclusive launch party at their Rockwell showroom to unveil its award-winning Power Motion Collection. The event drew a distinguished crowd of interior designers, architects, furniture enthusiasts, celebrities, influencers, and esteemed members of the press and media, all eager to witness the latest innovation in luxury furniture.

The Power Motion Collection by Bernhardt features designer chairs and sofas that seamlessly double as luxury recliners. These sophisticated pieces maintain the elegant appearance of a designer sofa while incorporating an advanced multi-component technology that allows both the headrest and footrest to fully recline with the lightest touch of discreet buttons. Some designs even boast USB ports for added convenience, merging style with modern functionality.

Eric Mendoza, President of Home Mavericks, described the collection as "better than buying a first class seat because you take the luxury and comfort home." AVP Elisha Mendoza highlighted the essence of Bernhardt, stating, "What makes Bernhardt special? It's rooted in great design and great design transcends what meets the eye." Host Janeena Chan added, "It's a pleasant surprise: a sofa that you didn't even know reclines.” It's like no other sofa or recliner in the market in terms of design and technology.

Adding to the evening's prestige, it was announced that the Bernhardt Aldo Power Motion Sectional Sofa has recently been honored with the Pinnacle Award for Motion Upholstery by the International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD). This accolade, also dubbed as the “Oscars of Furniture”, celebrates the Aldo Power Motion Sofa for its exceptional design, functionality, and significant contribution to the advancement of motion upholstery in the industry. The sofa exemplifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless design, with sleek lines, luxurious upholstery, and advanced motion mechanisms designed to elevate the modern living experience. Over the course of the Pinnacle Awards’ history, Bernhardt has won over 30 awards in different categories and a total of 53 nominations.

Home Mavericks Inc also featured a wide variety of Power Motion models that fit every category from size, material, unique features, and interior design styles. Don’t miss the chance to bring this unique piece of art and furniture into your space. Visit the Home Mavericks Rockwell showroom to see more of Bernhardt’s award-winning pieces at the Ground Floor of One Rockwell, East Tower, Makati.

For more information about upcoming collections and to stay updated on their latest events and promotions, please visit or follow them on social media: @BernhardtPH on Facebook and Instagram, and @HomeMavericksInc on TikTok.

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