Andi Eigenmann: Finding Home in the Waves of Baler

September 22, 2018 – Hannah Francesca M. Arcenal

Andi Eigenmann retells her journey of searching for herself by detaching from the limelight and finding home in the waves of Baler.

A life with TV shows, films, and a number of people following -- was the life Andi Eigenmann used to know. Being surrounded by people from the limelight, Andi always thought that it was the same path for her. But it felt like that path was not for her and that there was something more out there.  

So when she realized that there was more to Andi the actress, she left the life she knew and stepped out of her comfort zone.

What was the turning point in creating a change in your life?

“At first it was just wanting to make myself believe that everything will be okay. But when I started to embrace the fact that I can still enjoy my life even if this person who meant a lot to me is no longer there and if my life was not the same as it was before, I was much more able to test myself and my strength as a person. It was the first time that I did not depend on anything or anyone. I was able to let all my guards down and step out of my comfort zone – and everything changed: I survived and I had fun regardless of being away from the things I’ve always been used to. I realized that I could do it.”

What was the outcome of letting go of the life you used to know?

“I was used to listening to what other people had to say regarding what I should do to reach my goals. But I learned that my goals didn’t have to be the same goals everyone wanted or thought I should achieve - and that’s okay.  I also learned to choose kindness and happiness as I live in the moment. Living simply made me happier. I have grown to believe in myself and to lead my life towards what I want, not what others want.”

How did you find home in Baler?

“Before I introduced myself to Baler and this lifestyle, I was at a point in my life that I knew where I wanted to be but I was still scared. When I went to Baler, I realized that I am not living my life the wrong way just because I am not living it the way I was expected to. I found my heart in Baler because I was able to build relationships with the people here. Baler was also able to put me in a position where I let my guard down and let me know myself better.”

How does your decision of living simply benefit Ellie?

“I learned that life is about making sure that you’re physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy – meaning you’re happy, and I found that in Baler. What made me seal the deal in choosing this lifestyle is when I first brought my daughter and the love of my life, Ellie, in Baler. She was so happy, it was easy for her to make friends and she loved the sea – Baler gave her so much positive vibrations. That made me feel like I made the right decision and it’s still the same feeling for the both of us.”

How does surfing parallel to your life that you have now?

“With showbiz, although acting is something I really love to do,  I get judged for my mistakes and I am defined by them. But with surfing, what you see is what you get – you can not hide your mistakes and at the same time nobody judges you for it. The mentality in surfing is that everyone goes through challenges wave after wave. It teaches you that everyone and that every surf is different and what matters is how you play with the situation. It is through surfing that I learned that my life should not depend on the life of other people,  but I live my life in my own way.”

Together, Andi and Ellie surf the waves of Baler with their new found happiness as they live the life they made for themselves.

You may watch the first episode of our alike Stories here, featuring Andi Eigenmann and her daughter, Ellie:

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