November 10, 2021 – Alike Editorial

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Glam and fashion are set to take the Philippines by storm this November as ÀMEN, in partnership with ZALORA Philippines, Lindt Philippines, KLAD (@theofficialklad), and florist Kyno Kho (@kynokho), hosts the first-ever couture mask fashion show.

The ÀMEN Couture Mask Spring 2022 will exhibit two couture collections and a new prêt-a-porter collection. The masks are inspired by women's stories, portraying the ÀMEN mission of “getting women from point A to point B whatever their point A's and point B's may look like, to ultimately make a difference in the world around them.”

The fashion show is set to be inspiring, mind-blowing, and Magnifique, featuring extraordinary masks influenced by impressive women who fought their way into making a difference in the world. But this isn’t just an ordinary fashion show, there will be an interview in between the collections too. The event’s special guests are Joyce Pring, Janeena Chan, and Joy Mendoza, who will be sharing their personal stories of how they went from point A to point B.

  1. Joyce Pring will be sharing how she found permanent mental healing after attempting suicide numerous times.

  2. Janeena Chan will be sharing how she overcame and came out stronger when she went through Bell’s Palsy.

  3. And Joy Mendoza will be sharing how she found a way to forgive the 7 men who raped her. 

The special ÀMEN masks were created with these kinds of powerful women in mind - women who were once in the dark but fought hard to find the light.

Welcome to the story of transformation, of moving from point A to point B. Welcome to the story of ÀMEN.

The First Couture Mask Fashion Show: ÀMEN Couture Mask Spring 2022 is set to air on November 12, 2021.

To RSVP and confirm your spot in the virtual show, you can sign up using this link . See you there!


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