Excellence Beyond Seas : Alike’s Brian Poe-Llamanzares wins International Marketing Award in Dubai

June 25, 2023 – Alike Editorial

Images from Oracle Media Group

Dubai, U.A.E.

At the Marketing 2.0 conference in Dubai, A-team 360 Reputation Management Firm won the “outstanding leadership award”. The local firm headed by Brian Poe Llamanzares was recognized along side some of the worlds leading players in the marketing space.

“What I learned as a business owner is that real leadership is knowing when to take a step back and let the real experts take the lead." After three (3) years of building up the group the firm is now comprised of strategic partnerships between a 360 marketing agency called A3, Oracle Media Group, and research and analytics firm WR advisory group.

In photo: Right Most, Brian Poe Llamanzares stands along side other Filipino Awardees at the Marketing 2.0 conference

The owners of the said companies joined Poe-Llamanzares at the conference to encourage foreign investors to consider outsourcing their marketing, data research, and creative needs to the Philippines. Poe Llamanzares went on to cite the amount of economic opportunity the creative industry alone provides. Noting that a big chunk of that industry comes from marketing, content creation, and other similar industries.

“The Philippines is currently one of the world’s leading providers of creative services bringing in roughly $4 billion dollars in revenue. If you’re going to outsource your creative needs, I would proudly suggest investing in a Filipino team.”

in Photo from left to right: Cleve Arguelles CEO and President of WR Numero Research, Faye Abrihan COO of Oracle Media Group, Brian Poe-Llamanzares CEO of A-team 360 Reputation Management Firm, Leo Lofranco WR Advisory Group VP for Data Analytics, Robin Garcia CEO of the WR Advisory Group, and Jerik Santos President of the A3 Group of companies.

Other marketing firms from the Philippines that were also awarded in the same ceremony, namely Jerik Santos - President of A3 group of Companies, saying "it's such an honor for our team to be recognized by a globally acclaimed panel.

Sharing similar sentiments, Faye Abrihan says, ''we have all been collaborating with each other the past few years and I hope we can keep showcasing our collective’s expertise even more in the future.”

In Photo: Jerik Santos, President of the A3 Group of Companies

WR advisory VP for Data Analytics Leo Lofranco explained that the recognition was both reaffirming and humbling.

Poe-Llamanzares expressed his heartfelt thanks to each of his business partners stating that this award would not have been possible without their support. Adding that the award truly belongs to not only him - but all.

In Photo: Faye Abrihan COO of Oracle Media Group and Leo Lofranco VP for Data Analytics of the WR Advisory Group


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