A Song for Every Mood: Gabbi Garcia Shares Her Favorite Songs on Her Playlist

December 17, 2018 – Hannah Francesca M. Arcenal

Actress-singer and “It Girl” Gabbi Garcia is one the promising artists of this generation. Started as an actress at a young age and now focuses on her music which she shares to her fans. Whether she is on social media or on television Gabbi Garcia captivates us with her talent on acting and singing. Indeed, Gabbi is more than just a pretty face. She is a rising star who wears different hats – an artist, a musical student, a global brand endorser and also Sony’s new EXTRA BASS “It Girl”. With all the commitments she has and her busy schedule Gabbi turns to one thing to get by – she turns to music.

Like most of us do, Gabbi uses music as a way to keep us in a positive mood. Gabbi Garcia shares some of her favorite songs which she gets help from to keep herself motivated despite her busy lifestyle.

“People know I live with deep passion for music, and this is actually one of my priorities alongside acting. So here’s how my current playlist looks like with every mood I’m in.”

Feeling Ecstatic

“When I feel very light and optimistic, and I’m claiming that it will be my best day ever, I got Ben&Ben’s Sunrise as my default go-to song. And for days that are EXTRA, like when I feel super excited and I need that EXTRA push before I go on-stage, I jam to Pateros by Apartel.”

The Sony EXTRA BASS It girl is such a huge fan of OPM music and has also released an OPM single herself entitled All I Need. And for her to boost positive energy, Gabbi tags along her very own Sony SRS-XB31.

Taking it Slow

“Every now and then, just like everyone else, I also have those slow downtime moments when I’m feeling a little bit sad, a little bit sentimental. During these days, my wireless Sony headphones (MDR-XB650BT) are my best company. My current playlist for this mood would be Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex – I zone out with this in the background. And I also chill to Jess Connelly’s Turn Me Down during days when I’m booked with shoots and tapings.”

Despite living a life on the fast lane, Gabbi makes sure she gets some alone time to free her mind and meditate by taking it slow from time to time and by listening to her favorite songs.

Pump it Up!

Gabbi ensures to keep herself fit and healthy by going to the gym, and according to this busy It girl, her go-to song to keep the sweat going is Dua Lipa’s New Rules

“I just love listening to Dua Lipa while working out. It keeps my energy high and good vibes are just overflowing. As soon as I hit the gym, I’m game on so I use my wireless in-ear Song earphones (WF-SP700N) it’s Bluetooth activated so I can move freely and just focus on my fitness program.”

Another Dua Lipa favorite is One Kiss, which goes on repeat whenever Gabbi is with her friends and family; blasting it on full volume using her GTK-XB60 speakers.

A self-professed music lover, Gabbi Garcia does not go a day without listening to her favorite songs – just like most of us do. Through music we are able to meditate, have fun, and keep our energies high – especially whenever we listen to our playlists which includes our all of our favorite songs. Indeed, there is a song for every mood just as how the Sony EXTRA BASS series offers headphone and earphones for our every activity – from wireless headphones, to in-ear earphones, to speakers. With her every mood, Gabbi Garcia listens to her favorite songs with EXTRA passion with Sony’s EXTRA BASS.

What are your favorite songs for your every mood?