7 Friendly, Reliable Meal Delivery Services this Holiday Season

November 17, 2018 – Sarah Mae Tejares

With traffic jam everywhere, you would rather stay in your home than going to malls or any supermarkets. However, what you suddenly have your cravings?                                                                                                

 Whatever the reason why you want to stay at home during long-weekends or holiday, you deserve convenience to enjoy the season. So here are the top seven food delivery services that you can count on!


Photo from Grab

Aside from transportation service, Grab has launched another feature this year, and this is GrabFood.

On the official website of Grab, it says,  "keep your food fresh and ensure speedy deliveries, we limit the available restaurants to those within a given distance from your location."

During its soft launch, the delivery service is available in areas such as  BGC, Makati, Ortigas, San Juan, and West Quezon City. Payments were only in cash, but later on, you can pay using your credit cards or use your GrabPay.

Just like its competitors' features, GrabFood also makes suggestions for nearby restaurant partners in your area. It also shows you a healthy selection of its partnered restaurants within a 2-kilometer radius. The deliver rate is P49 with no minimum order. The app will let you know if the service is available in your area by checking the Grab's dropdown menu.

Delivery Guy

Photo from Delivery Guy 

This food delivery service app is Filipino-owned. It was launched on June 28, 2018 and it competes with other food delivery services in the country such as GrabFood, Honestbee, and Foodpanda. Delivery Guy is a joint venture between Neil Castillo, and his wife Finina Marie Tugade-Castillo. The couple also owns the Japanese restaurant Ryu Ramen.

The app is available on iOS and Android. The service promises a deliver time of  60 minutes or under, within a 3-kilometer radius. Payments are COD (cash-on-delivery).


Photo from Transportify

Apart from offering full service logistics solution, Transportify also offers food delivery services. The delivery company can handle different food delivery needs for different food businesses such as catering services, food from restaurants and fast food chains, food packaging, and even personal food delivery requests.

So if you need to throw a big party right away, probably this is one of the best choices.


Photo from Metromart

Metromart is an online delivery service, which allows the customers to purchase items through their website (or app). If you don't feel like going to malls for groceries, and want to avoid long lines, you may consider using this app, especially this holiday season.

The prices of the items on the website/app are the same in the stores or supermarkets. The delivery charge is 40 Php. per transaction. If your orders cost 1000 Php., the delivery service is free.


Photo from Zomato

If ever you want to eat outside with family or want to impress your dating partner, but want to avoid long period of waiting, especially in buffet restaurants, you better plan ahead-book earlier!

The easiest way to book a table is to use Zomato. The app allows its users to search for restaurants and book their own table. It also offers food delivery services.


Photo from Honestbee

Honestbee is one of the on-demand food and grocery delivery apps. The app is available for both Android and iOS- or may visit their website store if you are more comfortable with your desktop/laptop.

If you are a mom, you may find this service useful, especially during the rainy season or you're just having a busy schedule.

The app allows its users to choose on its partnered stores. Then you can see the items and categories just like any online stores. The app shows the price of each item, and it also offers an unlock feature for a free delivery service if you've reached a certain amount.

The online grocery and food delivery service usually gives a lot of discount vouchers. By using this app, you can save some amount of money. time, energy, and get more discounts.

Food Panda

Photo from FoodPanda

This app is perfect for those who hate waking up early and don't like to go out of their houses. So if you want to order food from nearby restaurants to serve to your family or friends, you may choose this app. FoodPanda offers convenient food ordering from restaurants via online or mobile. Just enter your location to discover which restaurants are able to deliver to you.

If you want to stay at home, sure to think of these delivery services for your next food purchases!