5 Reasons Why Dry Shampoos are the Next Big Thing in the Philippines

March 19, 2024 – Alike Editorial

Sun beating down, humidity clinging on to your skin and even your hair, imagine the feeling of oiliness and stickiness all over… it’s a familiar scenario we all know too well. Specially here in the Philippines, where the tropical climate can turn even the freshest morning locks into a frizzy, oily mess just halfway through the day! That’s where dry shampoos come in, and why it’s the emerging trend for hair care in the country!

Dry shampoos are literally hair savers in a can. They instantly soak up excess oil and refresh your hair without needing a drop of water. This is a game-changer for busy Filipinos who are always on the go. Whether you're stuck in traffic, rushing to work, or squeezing in a workout, a quick spritz of dry shampoo keeps your hair looking and feeling fresh and clean!

There’s no better timing to say goodbye to greasy roots and to #SayHelloToYourGlow with trusted local, Korean-inspired, multi-award winning personal care brand, Hello Glow as it ventures into the hair care space with its newest innovation: Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo! 

The Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo is infused with nourishing ingredients like Hydrolyzed Silk, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract. Aside from banishing oil, it also pampers your scalp and strands! Simply spray the dry shampoo onto your roots about six inches away from your head, massage the dry shampoo into your scalp with your fingertips, and spread evenly as you spritz one section at a time.

Here’s five reasons why you need Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo in your daily routine, #BecauseYourHairMatters!

- Freshness on the go 

It’s so convenient to use and easy to bring with you anywhere you go! Refresh your hair anytime, instantly, and without water!

Longer lasting hair confidence

Easily extend the life of your hairstyle with a quick spritz! It gives the boosted texture and grip you need to rock your look!

Derma-tested, always

Like all Hello Glow products, this hairsaver dry shampoo is gentle on your scalp. It contains no harmful chemicals, it’s benzene-free, safe for long-term use!

Local meets global innovation

It combines Hello Glow’s best-in-class, gentle formulations with global haircare trends

Light, floral scent

Neutralize the odor of sweat and oil with this dry shampoo’s refreshing floral fragrance

    Try Hello Glow’s Hairsaver Dry Shampoo now for only Php 299, your hair’s ultimate go-to pick me-upper during stressful days to freshen up without wash! Shop #HelloGlowHairSaver online at the brand’s flagship Shopee, Tiktok, and Lazada stores, or in stores in SM Beauty Department Stores and Watsons outlets nationwide!


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