4 Reasons Why Filipinos Love K-pop

December 04, 2018 – Carla Delgado

Photo from Facebook/Bangtan Official

Over the years, Korean pop or K-pop has become extremely popular in the Philippines. We can hear it almost everywhere now. It highly influences our present culture no matter what age or gender. In fact, just recently, there has been a recent craze regarding a K-pop group’s song – MOMOLAND’s BBoom Boom. Lots of people memorized the steps and posted videos of themselves dancing. It has been used as a morning exercise for some schools or dance warm-up in several instances. Those who are not fans of K-pop groups often wonder what it is about them that makes them that popular. Here are 4 reasons why Filipinos are so fond of K-pop:

The dynamic choreography

K-pop artists spend years of training and mentoring before they debut. Their skills and talents are very evident in their music videos and are further proven by performing the same (or even better) in their live performances. K-pop choreography is known to be very challenging and complex, which is why Filipinos are very enamored with their music videos. One of the most notable things among K-pop fans is their capability to memorize (and perform) the choreography of their favorite songs. You will often find videos on various social media websites where kids, teenagers, and even adults are dancing to well-known K-pop songs.

Source: JYP Entertainment on YouTube

The catchy rhythm

Many Filipino fans still love K-pop even though they can’t understand the words because they love the rhythm and the melody of the songs. Even if they don’t know the exact lines (or they do, but don’t know what they really mean), they still play the songs all the time. The tunes are very catchy so they tend to get stuck on your head. Even though K-pop is usually treated as one genre, there are many groups, and they have very different styles from each other.

The charming personalities

K-pop artists are incredibly fascinating, which is why fans really give their love and support. Fans love interacting with their idols because they are nice to their fans. Some Filipinos even form cover groups. Fans love the fact that they all still differ from one another. They have different quirks, skill set, and sense of humor. All their differences and unique qualities make their group much better as they all put together their talents.

The trendy attire

Filipinos love K-pop because the artists manage to look good in whatever they wear. They mix and match clothing pieces that you would never guess would go together, but they do. They go along with current trends but add their own personal touch, starting a whole new trend altogether. Lots of fans emulate the fashion sense of their idols, buying clothes with their friends and dressing up to look like a particular group.

Photo from SM Town

It is undeniable that Filipinos are really into Korean culture, not just K-pop but K-dramas too, as well as various products and food. It’s highly important to remember that some people might not have the same interests and we shouldn’t shame them for liking (or for not liking) the same things. No matter whether you’re a fan of K-pop or not, we can all agree that they are definitely talented and committed to their line of work.