We are a team of curious individuals with a passion for creative outputs.


Native Content 

With our purpose of uplifting the spirit of the Filipino people, alike is a platform that shares stories that inspire and brings forth a new level of discourse in society. Built on society and storytelling, alike can create compelling articles, infographics, lists, interactive quizzes, and timelines that capture your essence and tell your story. 


Content Marketing                                                                                                                   

alike is more than just a brand, we are also a movement. We conceptualize campaigns that capture your message and captivate your audience. Through the campaigns we craft, we seek to enrich a diverse society and promote social inclusion to all Filipinos. With this, we keep our values in mind as we create campaigns that are progressive, enthralling, and substantial.


As a brand and a movement that is fueled by storytelling, we do not tell stories through words alone. Visuals are as powerful as words. With this, we can tell your story through digital art and design. We create compelling and striking designs that capture your message. 


alike values collaboration as we believe that the more minds that work together, the better and faster we get to embark on a journey towards growth and progress. Collaborate with us as we create content that promotes social inclusion and lifts the diverse Filipino society.

Video Production

In this digital age, alike can tell your story through the modern filmmaker's eyes. We can create enthralling videos for you that strike people's attention as well as inspire them with your message. We believe in innovation and quality which each of our video content strives for. Through the videos we produce, we ensure that our values are reflected as we seek to promote a progressive society. 

Influencer Management

As a movement that believes in diversity and collaboration as well as embraces the essence of humanity, alike manages celebrities and  influencers, both macro and micro, who best represent the values we emulate in the company. We believe in people who are passionate, honest, and real, and the true-rooted movement begins with them.


Collaborate with us. 

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